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What Should Franchises Be Doing When Marketing Their Business on Social Media?

Jan 21, 2021 | Social Media

You know social media is the key to reaching new customers, especially during pandemic! This new tool is bursting with capabilities to make your business either boom or bust. What do you need to know about using social media to help your business in the marketplace?

Consistent Branding

Everything from the way you present yourself, to the quality of merchandise you offer, to the style of your marketing is a part of your brand. As such, according to CoSchedule,  your social media presence needs to be consistent over all social platforms and should match the presence you use in-store. Your brand should be the same regardless of location. If your store is formal, having a sarcastic, casual Twitter page is not helpful! The reverse is also true. If you are a casual, fun, gathering place, having a formal online presence just isn’t you. You want consistency on all sites as a unified brand.

Targeted Advertisements

Targeted Advertisements are a great way to bring more eyes to your social media page. The purpose of most social media websites remaining free is to gather consumer data to pass on to businesses like your own. Being able to customize who sees your ads can maximize who buys from your site or location. According to Franchise Gator, the internet is one of the biggest and most powerful marketing tools available to franchises. Use good data to find your niche.

Don’t be a Creeper

Everyone has had an ad come across their social media at some point which crosses the line between “personalized and useful,” and “might creepily know too much information.” Use traditional data collection techniques first. Think of your customer relationship as an ongoing romance. You want to woo customers with offers and funny bon mots. You want transparency and trust in your relationship. You do not want to be the creep in the corner of Facebook “liking” their pictures from ten years ago and trying to use it to force a relationship. Romance is your goal, not manipulation.

Once you have a unified brand with consistency over different platforms, are using data to create targeted advertisements, and are making sure you gain trust with transparency and non-stalkerish techniques, your company’s social media marketing strategy will soar. You can keep in contact with customers, even in lockdown. You can enjoy the benefits of knowing your company is well situated, and well displayed, socially.

If you need help marketing your business on social media, let us know! Book a call with us to get started!

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