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Thank you for requesting information about our pricing. You can view the interactive pricing guide by clicking on the image to the right. It will give you a general idea of what most people can expect to get for their specific budgets.

Please understand that asking how much a website project is going to cost, in a blanket statement, is like asking a homebuilder how much a house costs. It really all depends on what your needs are.

I would be glad to provide a complete proposal for your project, after we speak personally about your expectations from a new website. Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to get the ball rolling.

To get an idea of what an average website build, of a specific type, might cost from my boutique web design agency, you can continue scrolling the page. But, again, keep in mind these are just ballpark figures and a variety of factors play into final pricing.


One Page Scrolling Informational Websites

A one-page, semi-customized website, which will allow you to have a presence online for your business, with all the pertinent contact information for your visitors, starting at $250, when purchased as one of our affordable website packages. These one-page sites can include sections to highlight your services, a contact form, social media links, and the address and phone number for your business.


Semi-Custom Multi-Page Websites

If you are a small businesses (less than 5 employees), who doesn’t have the budget for a fully customized site, we offer some budget-friendly website solutions that include easy bite-sized monthly payment plans, that start as low as $750 down and then a monthly fee, so you don’t have to put off getting a website online right away! 

These packages include everything you need to get a website online, in one easy solution — website design, monthly hosting, monthly software maintenance, daily backups, and more. Contact us for details.


Fully Custom Websites

Websites packages for small or medium-sized businesses that are customized and fully branded for your company, have multiple pages, are smartphone optimized, will allow you to blog and add more pages to your site in the future, and don’t involve a lot of extra features (such as shopping carts, booking systems, complicated forms, etc.), usually require an investment starting at around $5K and scaling up depending on your needs. A custom quote is in order to really nail your actual investment in your company’s marketing future down.


Websites with Extra Functionality

More complex websites that include 3rd party integrations, shopping carts, heavy forms work, specialized functionality, specific programming, and other advanced features can require an investment of between $6K and $50K.

Why is there such a huge variation in prices? Because it is all relative to what you need from your site.

  • How many products will your store carry?
  • Will your products have variations?
  • Will we be writing product descriptions or will you?
  • What sort of  functionality needs to be programmed into your website?

For projects of this size, I go through a paid “discovery process” with you to come up with the best recommendation for your project.


Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages, which keep your software updated, do security checks, optimize database to keep your site from becoming bloated, and offer secure off-site backups, start at $49/mo.


SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing Services

Our online marketing services (including pay-per-click advertising, ongoing search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation management) can cost anywhere from $800/month to $5K/month or more, depending on your needs and how aggressively and quickly you want to see movement in your search engine optimization (SEO).


Schedule a Free Call

Of course, the more we know about your project, the better we can make recommendations on your website, and offer suggestions that will be beneficial for your business, as well as give you a more definitive price for your specific project.

If you have questions or would like more information schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me today! I would look forward to discussing your needs with you by phone.


Nora Kramer

Creative Director + Brand Strategist

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