Seven “Rules” For Working With Me

1. Trust me, after all, you hired me because I can do something you cannot.

You do your job well and I do mine exceptionally well. Trust that I will do what’s right for your business when I give my professional suggestions. Isn’t that what you hired me for?

2. I may not give you an immediate answer to a question, please be patient. 

Give me some time to explore your question, so I can give you an informed answer. I don’t believe in answering off-the-cuff without thorough knowledge on a subject or thinking it through. Let me give you a great answer, rather than a rushed answer.

3. The enemy of great work is complacency, so challenge me.

Some of my most interesting projects have come from challenges set forth by my clients. Give me challenges so I can do great work for you. But, be realistic in your expectations too.

4. I am not your “supplier” or “vendor” — I am your partner.

I have found that working in partnership gets the best results. Website design is not a commodity. It’s a valuable service and I work hard at it. I am not a “one-and-done” kind of website developer. I am in it for the long haul with you.

5. Talk to me, I appreciate the feedback.

I do extremely well with feedback, so please talk to me, partner. I can’t work effectively for you if I don’t know where you are coming from. Client input is always welcomed. But, please see rule number one above.

6. I work for your customers, not always for you alone.

Yes, you heard that right. Sometimes I take their side. Please remember your website is not for you, it’s for your customers. My goal is to give your customers the best experience possible on your website.

7. You hired me to help your company make more money, so please pay me.

I run a business, just like you run your company as a business. When you do a job or sell a product I’m sure you expect to be paid, right? I do excellent website design and graphic design work. I charge a fair price for my years of experience and the amount of work and detail that I put into each and every project. My work adds to your bottom line. Invest in my future so I will be here to help your future.

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