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To many, super heroes sport capes, masks, suits of iron, lightning speed or – at least – vibrant colored spandex. Each has special skills and weapons to vanquish evil. Nora Kramer is a real super hero who, wielding intellect, epic skills, powerful coding and design insight – combined with laser-focused determination – conquers the most intractable digital foes. I am grateful she is on my side. Presented recently with a digital email display issue, Nora rose to the challenge. Despite distribution to numerous email service providers, all with different inbox display problems, Nora completely redesigned my template to deliver a consistent email display. Gone are the perfect-looking-in-Gmail but extra-spaces-off-centered-in-Microsoft Outlook emails! Not only does Nora solve digital and design problems, she does so completely and takes time to explain her process. Whether problem solving or creating elegant designs, she is detail and deadline-conscious. Best of all, she does first-rate work quickly and without judgement. She is always a pleasure to work with and, considering her sometimes formidable tasks, a true super hero to me!
Kimberly Poppke Avatar
Kimberly Poppke
Hernando County Tourism
You guys have done really nice work, especially given the timeframe. Appreciate you a lot! Very sincerely.
Dan Lucas Avatar
Dan Lucas
CVG Advisors
Nora has helped me out in a pinch more times than I can count. She always pays attention to detail and provides me with much more than I expected. Some of the projects she has helped me with include graphic design on posters, flyers, brochures and social media marketing. She is by far the most talented person in this line of work that I have ever known.
Dr. William Lester Avatar
Dr. William Lester
University of Florida/IFAS Extensions Hernando County
Charles Kellogg and I have been so enthused with the creative ability Nora has used in making our Camp Quality Log such a beautiful piece of work! We know that the children and staff will receive much joy in having their own copy to remember that week together. We realize as well that this log will be a wonderful tool in helping others to learn about Camp Quality and the difference a week long camping experience can make in the lives of children with cancer.
Gail Self Avatar
Gail Self
Camp Quality Florida
Again, another superb luncheon due to your quality work! As I’ve told you numerous times, angels like you do not happen often – you are truly one of the most beautiful ladies I know. Your talent is an equal match! Thanks too, in helping unravel the “glitches” this year of too may chiefs. Your honesty helped me in getting a grip of what was needed. All is well because of your ethics. God bless you and keep you well.
Dr. Beverly Baird Boothe Avatar
Dr. Beverly Baird Boothe
American Cancer Society
I felt compelled to say “thanks” in a bit more substantial way than words only. The several projects you have done for me have gone so smoothly that I feel very lucky to have stumbled on you.
Robert Hoehnstock Avatar
Robert Hoehnstock
Independent Creative Director
Just picked up your Spring 2002 magazine and went right to the “Designers vs. Printers” article. Your “top ten common file submission mistakes” and “pre-flight checklist for file submission” are spot on. I am requesting permission to place those two lists in a packet of information we use for new clients. We would give full credit, per your instructions, in any brochure or booklet in which the material was used.
Tom Harrison Avatar
Tom Harrison
Express Press, Inc.
Hope you have gotten a hold of the Spring issue and saw your article. I have copied an e-mail I received today, this is the second such e-mail that I have gotten from different people requesting permission to reprint portions of your article. Everyone loves your article – and they find it to be very informative. Kudos! Also, I have entered the piece in the Charlie Awards (Florida Magazine Association) for “Best Informative Feature.” I think we have a pretty good chance of winning first place! A side note, we are planning the launch of Create Magazine South Florida later this year. We have been discussing articles to put in the premiere issue, and this one came up. Looking forward to putting you in the Miami market! (In regards to a graphic design article I wrote for the magazine, that ended up winning first place from the Florida Magazine Association for “Best informative Feature Article of 2002.”)
Jerry Brown Avatar
Jerry Brown
Create Magazine Publisher
Just a note to let you know how many people just love our website! You really do good work! We’ll pass your name along to the next owners and I’m sure they’ll want you to continue to service the site. Keep up the good work, Nora. You are amazing and sweet and talented. I’m one of your biggest fans!
Teresa Wheeler Avatar
Teresa Wheeler
Erie Canal Cruise Lines

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