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Do you have questions about your website, WordPress, SEO, local search marketing or other website related issues? Sometimes just having a verbal, simple conversation with a WordPress and website design expert can help kickstart you and move you in the right direction.

Maybe you don’t need long-term, expensive and in-depth consulting services, but just someone who knows about WordPress, websites, mailing list management, and SEO that you can run some ideas by and get feedback from. If so, let me be your sounding board and offer advice on some of your more pressing issues.

Let’s face it, business owners can’t afford to make mistakes with something as important as their online marketing. Let me save you from being one of those horror stories of starting a failed website, or financial losses that business owners can face by making wrong decisions, taking bad advice (even worse, advice from people who know nothing about online marketing), hiring unqualified marketing people, or simply because they don’t have enough knowledge on the subject themselves to muddle through it.

Getting Help Isn’t a Bad Thing

If your website is failing to rank well, you aren’t sure where to begin with online marketing, you don’t know how to set up a mailing list, you are baffled by local SEO, you don’t know how to get setup with website hosting and domain names, or you aren’t sure how to write effectively about your business, a simple consultation may be all that you need to get clear on what your next steps should be.

Listen, I wouldn’t attempt to change my own brake fluid in my car, because I don’t know how to do it and it’s just easier to pay someone to take care of that for me. Your know your business inside and out, and I know mine. I don’t pretend to know things I don’t know, and neither should any business owner.

There are times to do things yourself, times to hire the task out, and times to lean on mentors and consultants for advice on issues that you think you could handle in-house, if you just had enough of an education and insight into how to do it.

Leverage My 25+ Years Experience

I have been in the industry for over 25 years and have worked with countless small business owners and companies with one-on-one consultation services during the course of my career. I will let my credentials speak for themselves.

You can view my LinkedIn profile for more information about my experience and background. Be sure to connect with me while you are there.

Also check out my reviews on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and my website from happy clients who I have helped with website and WordPress issues.

And, visit my blog for a whole host of free advice on various website issues. Be sure to sign up to get my free newsletter if you would like more free advice dropped into your inbox via email from time to time.

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How Can I Help You?

Consultations with me can be on a variety of topics you might be struggling with in developing your website or dealing with online marketing issues. I cover a variety of website topics with clients such as:

Website Design
Using WordPress
Fixing WordPress Issues
Search Engine Optimization
Local SEO
User Reviews and Reputation Management
Online & Digital Marketing
Copyrighting / Content Creation
Email Marketing
Blogs & Blogging
UI/UX (User Interface and Experience)
Domain Name Advice
Web Hosting Advice

Types of Consultation Sessions

Some business owners prefer to consult via telephone or Skype, while others learn better through written communication and documentation. Sometimes actually having a white paper written especially for you at your fingertips, addressing your specific concerns, can be more helpful than a phone call. I am happy to do consulting either way, or a combination of the two.

Getting Started

Contact me for an initial 15-minute FREE call about your consultation requirements. This is a good way to get to know each other and see if we are a mutual fit for working together. If I don’t feel I have the necessary skills to help you in your area of concern, I will tell you so, and may even be able to refer you to a trusted colleague who does specialize in that area.

I only take on consulting projects when I know I can truly be of help to the client. This short call will allow me to assess your needs and give you an idea for how many hours I feel you should book with me to help your solve your most pressing issues. Some businesses may only need an hour or two of my time, and others with more complex issues may need longer. Every business is unique! I can tailor consulting services to your exact needs.


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