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It goes without saying that I love my job ‚ÄĒ working with people to create beautiful and functional websites for them. Websites with great copy that are optimized for SEO, and sites¬†that are mobile-friendly and creative. With¬†mobile and responsive website design being a must, and online marketing booming, it’s more important now, than¬†ever, to have a website that is up-to-date and¬†outshines your competition.

I run a boutique website design agency, which means I¬†don’t take on just every client that walks through my¬†doors. I¬†want to be¬†sure that each¬†project I¬†agree to accept¬†is one that I¬†can give 110% on, so the client¬†will be¬†thrilled with the final result, and I¬†will know that I¬†have done my¬†job right!

Website Design and Development Pricing

For full brand development, a responsive website design with blog, and basic SEO built into site, most of my clients spend between $2,500 and $10,000. I realize that is a big range, and some have spent more and some have spent less. Obviously, the complexity and features of a site (i.e. shopping cart, scheduling features, calendars, membership sites, etc.) will dictate final pricing.

However, I do¬†understand that every project is unique and I¬†can usually offer a combination of custom work and pre-made templates¬†to meet most budgets. If you are ready to get started with some pricing details, visit the¬†Website Design Client Questionnaire page and let’s make this happen!

No obligation on your part. Just a way for me to get to know you and your project, and get a more accurate quote to you on what I think it would take to make your vision a reality.

Detailed Website Design Processes

To learn more about the work that goes into creating an effective website for my clients, read about the website development process that I use.

I¬†don’t just add some text and slap a few graphics into a pre-made template and call it a day. Web design and development¬†should be¬†much more methodical and planned out than that.

Businesses that choose to handle their most important online marketing piece in such a fashion will never have a successful website or online marketing tool for their company.

The website design and development process involves strategic planning and implementation, and many well thought out steps, to pull your new website together. Company branding, your goals, and your target audience all help shape your custom website.

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Recently Completed Web Design Projects & Case Studies

Education. Learning What You Didn’t Even Know You Didn’t Know.

I don’t just do design work¬†for my clients, I believe in educating them on online marketing strategies¬†as a whole. That’s why I offer so many in-depth articles and instruction on my site. I believe someone who is educated about how marketing your business online works is going to have a more successful website.

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The newsletter and my blog cover topics such as WordPress, email marketing, effective SEO strategies for your business and much more.

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