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Did you know that 75% of all clicks on search engine queries go to organic results? Organic SEO drives traffic and boosts rankings, and content is what drives SEO.

Getting your website to rank in Google is not about peppering your pages with one or two keywords anymore. Google’s algorithms focus on quality content that engages, builds trust and establishes authority within your industry.

But, here’s the thing, when it comes to search engine optimization, it’s not as simple as pressing a button and making it happen. Achieving good SEO results requires cutting-edge expertise in order to it properly.

Creating campaigns and working on SEO is not quick and easy.

So many people think there is a “secret recipe for SEO” or “special do it for you SEO tool” that will help them rank in number one positions on search results pages. It just doesn’t work like that. If it were that easy wouldn’t everyone be ranking on page one in position one?

Sure there are tools and services you can add to your site that assist you with doing some of the heavy lifting, like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, or our current favorite, SEOPress, but they are not a “magic bullet” that is going to send your website soaring to the top of page one in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

SEO work is hard. SEO work is time intensive. And, SEO work is laborious. And, it can take some time to see positive results from all that work. There are so many things that go into SEO work these days — citations, backlinks, keyword research, SEO optimized copywriting, creating custom meta titles and descriptions, on-site work, off-site work, videos, social media marketing, and the list goes on. It’s not just about throwing up a bunch of “keywords” on your page and seeing what sticks anymore. The competition is too fierce with billions of websites being indexed online.

Even our clients with the lowest budgets are requiring, at minimum, 30 hours a month worth of work — just on keyword campaigns alone! That doesn’t even include things such as citations and directory listings for local SEO, social media posting, content creation, blog writing services, and all of the other things that go into proper SEO efforts.

SEO is also a long-term game. If a client isn’t willing to give it a good six months to a year to manifest results, it’s not even worth their money to jump into managed SEO at all. (But, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be following good SEO practices when creating your own website and blog content – you definitely should be doing that all the time!)

We’re talking about full-scale professionally managed SEO work.

When we work with an SEO client, we invest a significant amount of time, resources, and expertise into each of them. But that also means that there’s only so many people we can work with at any given time. So their commitment to stay in for the long haul must be there, coming out of the gate.

Can’t you just do your own SEO work?

I’m sure you have asked yourself, can’t I just do my own SEO work? My answer to that is I am confident you can. But, should you is the more important question? Do you have the time to learn it all? Is it a good use of your time? Check out the our article about this that goes over the pros and cons of doing your own SEO work.

Whether you decide to DIY it or hire a professional, I recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and watching the very informative video above by my favorite SEO guru, Brian Dean. It really helps to have a full grasp of what is involved in the process — and he only scratches the surface still.

There are many facets to SEO, which can include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimizing an existing website to improve current rankings

  • Keyword reports, research and optimization for specific pages

  • Promoting a website that is already optimized to improve and maintain rankings

  • Promoting a video (or other content) posted on an authority website like YouTube

  • Creating premium content for web pages, blog entries and press releases

  • High-level consulting with advanced SEO strategies and help overcoming penalties

  • Social media marketing strategies

  • Advanced link clean up to help recover lost rankings

  • Pay Per Click ad management to leverage paid advertising

  • Competitive SEO

  • Local SEO and marketing to establish local online visibility

Sample SEO Package Costs

Each service is going to require varying amounts of time to do. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to SEO and pricing will depend largely on what your goals as a client are. But, to give you an idea of what type of services and ballpark pricing are available, here are a few scenarios. These prices below are not a fixed price quote, but rather a general estimate of what a client might pay for a particular set of SEO services.

Local SEO Packages

The Local SEO Packages focus on relevant citation building, effective on-page optimization including local schema implementation, natural link building, methodology-based solutions, and Google Map pack inclusion. These services are ideal for businesses with actual physical locations and want to build their presence locally. We work to help you attain natural local ranking, and drive traffic to your business.

We focus on a certain number of keywords, depending on your Local SEO package, and work to obtain results for those keywords for you. Our services start with a website audit to help us determine things that can be improved upon there, and we offer such services as:

  • Google My Business Profile Setup and Optimization
  • Local Schema Markup
  • Citations and Business Listings
  • On-page Content Optimization
  • Meta Title & Description Optimization
  • Monthly Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting

Package Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Time Commitment: 6 Months
Expect to Pay: $1200 per month and up, depending on the level of service, number of keywords, and amount of time you would like us to put into your account

Organic SEO Packages

Our Organic SEO Package provides both on-page and off-page optimization (through a mix of blog outreach, magazine submissions, backlink diversification, and other rank building activities). It is ideal for businesses that primarily do business online, compete nationally, or do not have actual physical locations. We work to help you to expand your online reach and capture a bigger audience to your website.

We focus on a certain number of keywords, depending on your SEO package, and work to obtain results for those keywords for you. Our services start with a website audit to help us determine things that can be improved upon there, and we offer such services as:

  • Regular to Advanced Technical SEO Optimization*
  • On-page Content Optimization
  • On-page Hygiene*
  • Keystone Content Generation*
  • Monthly Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting

Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Time Commitment: 6 Months
Expect to Pay: $1200 per month and up, depending on the level of service, number of keywords, and amount of time you would like us to put into your account

SEO Content Creation & Copywriting

Our copywriters can craft original SEO optimized copy for web pages, blog posts, product descriptions, articles, and press releases.

Frequency: As Needed
Minimum Time Commitment: None (this is work for hire service)

Social Media Packages

Our Social Media packages are designed to take the stress of having to remember to post to your various social media accounts on a regular basis off of you. We can do the posting for you, or supplement your regular posting, to make sure you get further reach with your social media efforts. We post timely relevant content for your followers to consume on a regular basis to your:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Time Commitment: None (this is a month-to-month service)
Expect to Spend: $500 per month and up, depending on your package choice and posting frequency.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Our Pay Per Click Services provides you with a dedicated PPC specialist to create, manage, and monitor your paid digital media account. Keyword research is used to analyze which search terms will be more beneficial for your business. A four-step process which consists of:

  • Setting media objectives in light of marketing and advertising objectives
  • Developing a media strategy for implementing media objectives
  • Designing media tactics for realizing media strategy
  • Proposing procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of the media plan

These steps are used to provide you with the digital presence you need on Google and its search partners. The goal is to allow you to grow your company together with your online audience.

Each PPC Package includes a free landing page analysis, weekly performance monitoring, dashboard integration, and reporting.

Frequency: Monthly
Minimum Time Commitment: 6 Months
Minimum Required Ad Budget: $1000
Expect to Pay: $800 per month and up for PPC management, depending on your package choice
(price does not include your ad spend with Google or Facebook). There is an onboarding fee of $800 and up, depending on the network(s) you want to advertise on.

Standalone Website Audit Report

Our standard website audit can provide you with complete insight into your website’s online presence, compare metrics that matter against your competitors, and help detect opportunities that can increase your overall web performance.

We do a website performance assessment, backlink analysis, keyword assessment and recommendations, technical evaluation, content review, usability testing, and competitor analysis (up to 3), in an effort to show you where your website can be improved upon.

You are then free to take the audit report and begin to work on different strategies and SEO implementation on your own or with your in-house team.

Starting at: $2500

 Why We Require A Time Commitment For Managed SEO Services

It’s important for you to have clear expectations from the start to avoid frustration with your managed online marketing services. A minimum of six to twelve months needs to be given on most services in order to start seeing some rank growth, especially for a totally new website.

As stated above, this is not an easy process – that’s why you are hiring someone else to manage it, right? – and it takes a lot of time and a lot of work to do. It requires a lot of man hours on our part. If you aren’t willing to commit to the time needed to see growth, we can’t help you.

And, you must also be willing to be involved, to a certain degree, in the process. Keywords selection is vital to bringing in quality leads. As a client, you must be involved in keyword selection and evaluating content created for them. The right keywords bring the right kinds of visitors to your website.

Also, understand that mild fluctuations in rankings are normal over time. The overall direction of your ranking trend is best evaluated month to month. Summaries of your campaign’s progress are prepared each month for you to review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a guarantee?

Google strictly warns SEO marketing firms against giving ranking guarantees. As a matter of fact, they forbid them from doing so. We can only guarantee to deliver the service levels we agree upon, and to keep you updated on the progress of your campaigns regularly.

How do you organize payment and contracts?

Our full service campaigns launch on a scheduled basis twice per month. Payments are organized one month ahead of time and paid prior to work being completed. We launch new campaigns and service cycles on the 1st and 15th day of the month, and all reports and invoices are arranged at this time.

If I don’t like my results can I get my money back?

No. Managing SEO for a client expends a considerable amount of staff, time and effort. We follow white hat SEO techniques, which is what search engines like Google are looking for. But, the quality of your rankings depends on a variety of factors, many of which may have nothing to do with the managed SEO services we are providing.

As a client you should be doing things too, to help your own SEO, like consistently posting new content, through a blog or to your website directly. This keeps your website relevant to search engines. There is nothing they hate more than a dead site that no one updates.

You should also be doing things such as actively promoting your own site by including your URL in every piece of printed correspondence your company sends out, whether it is a letter to a customer, a business card or a thank you card for a job. If advertising in print, be sure to include your website address in your ads.

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