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Tips To Write An Ebook For Marketing

Mar 27, 2024 | Business, Digital Marketing

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What if we told you that you don’t need to have an email list or audience to publish and sell your ebook on Amazon? In fact, the best thing about writing and publishing a book on an online platform such as Apple Books or Amazon is that you can have it up and selling in a few minutes.

Before we take a detailed look at how you can make this happen, you must understand that ebook writing is similar to and different from other content marketing techniques. For instance, you have to adopt a more friendly tone when writing articles or blogs.

Moreover, when writing an ebook, you have to follow a particular type of format, especially if you’re looking to publish and sell it on various online book-publishing platforms. As far as similarities go, all articles, blogs, and ebooks should contain content that provides solutions to your customer’s queries.  

With that out of the way, listed below are a few tips on how to write an ebook for marketing your business online.

Select Your Niche And Identify Its Market

This is one of the most important things you need to consider when you decide to write an ebook for marketing purposes. First, however, you must follow a few rules and guidelines when selecting a niche for your ebook. For instance, ensure you select a broad enough niche that contains a few topics that can be covered in an ebook.

Furthermore, ensure that people purchase ebooks in the niche you want to target. For example, if you want to write an ebook on computer training, the niche is full of topics that can be turned into an entire ebook.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to write an ebook on business management, camping, or parenting, the niche you select should interest you. Moreover, it should also have an audience base willing to purchase it.

If you can’t decide on a niche on your own, consider hiring an ebook writer or ebook writing service. These professionals will take care of everything from curating your ebook’s content to designing its cover page to formatting it for Amazon publishing to everything in between.

Write Your Ebook

After you’ve selected your niche and identified if it has a market, the next step is to write the content for your ebook itself. First, however, you need to break down the ebook writing process into small manageable chunks.

Come Up With An Attractive Title

The next step in the ebook writing process is to come up with an exciting topic for your ebook. After all, it is the first thing that your readers will look at, setting the tone for your entire ebook.

So, use your intuition or take inspiration from other ebooks in your target niche. Doing so will allow you to narrow down titles quickly. But, whatever happens, avoid plagiarizing ebook titles. Instead, put your own spin on it!

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Come Up With A Unique Subtitle

When people read your ebook, they will want to know what they learn from it. In this case, your ebook’s subtitle will allow you to state what your readers should expect and the benefits they will get. Therefore, including a catchy subtitle is one of the best tips to write an ebook for marketing your business online.

Let’s say you’ve come up with an ebook title like “Marketing For Rookies.” If that’s the case, your subtitle should be something like “a detailed guide on how to learn the basics of marketing.” That is a winner if you ask us!

An attractive subtitle will reel in readers and give them an idea of what to expect as they move further into your ebook’s main content.

Write The Body Content

After deciding on the title and subtitle, the next step in writing an ebook for marketing purposes is to curate the ebook’s body content. After all, if your ebook’s content doesn’t offer value to the readers, it will probably sit on the virtual shelf for a long time.

We recommend keeping your content relatively simple as far as the format goes. Your main content should share actionable tips and supporting evidence that your solution is the best one on the market.

Furthermore, people love to read personal stories. So, if you can add personal stories to support the content of your ebook, readers will find it much more fun and exciting to read.

As far as the word count of the ebook goes, you’re pretty much in control. But, if we are talking about publishing and selling it on Amazon, target anywhere between eight to twenty thousand words.

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Hire A Professional Ebook Writing Service Or Ebook Writer To Proofread Your Ebook

The importance of professional writing services should never be underestimated. After all, most ebooks published online haven’t been proofread by a professional ebook writer or proofreader. So, don’t fall off the bandwagon by making the same mistake!

Sure, you can self-edit or self-proofread your ebook. However, you’re bound to miss something when you do it yourself.

As far as finding people to proofread or edit your ebook is concerned, numerous freelance platforms allow you to hire competent editors and proofreaders.

Furthermore, you can also ask people from your friend’s circle or your family members to edit and proofread your ebook’s content. But, ensure that these individuals have some form of ebook writing experience.

After all, asking someone with little to no experience with ebooks to proofread it is a massive mistake. You will end up making things worse!

Get An Ebook Cover Designed

The next tip to write an ebook for marketing purposes is to design an attractive cover! Readers typically look at a book’s cover before making a purchase decision. So, if your ebook cover isn’t up to par, they will look elsewhere. Fortunately, you don’t need to learn Photoshop to create a stunning ebook cover.

Simply hiring a professional ebook cover designer will allow you to design a cover that relates to your ebook and attracts people to your business. Sure, you can ask them to incorporate your personal ideas into the cover. But, the designing process will be taken care of by the service provider themselves.

Format Your Ebook For Online Publishing

Again, a professional ebook writing service will come in handy here. If the service provider takes care of the cover design, they will probably take care of the formatting. Of course, you will have to pay for this service.

However, if you want to format your ebook yourself, here are a few steps your need to follow. These apply to Amazon as it is the largest online publishing platform today!

  • Add table of contents
  • Remove page numbers, headers, and footers
  • Set line spacing for the content to single
  • Keep indentation at 0.2″. For this, select “first line” and indent at 0.2″ under the special option
  • Ensure “track changes” are off
  • Don’t add the cover image to the ebook manuscript
  • Avoid using too many hyperlinks
  • Clean up chapters and ensure headings have the same font type and size
  • Keeps heading consistent(use H2, H3, H4 headings, and so on)

That said, if you want to publish it on any other platform, a quick Google search will allow you to learn the ins and outs of formatting your ebook for that particular platform.

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Decide On A Price And Upload Your Ebook

Price plays a vital role in the ebook writing process, especially if you’re writing one to market your business. If this is your first ebook, we recommend selling it for free for the first four or five days. Doing so will help your ebook improve in rating within Amazon ebook categories.

If your book performs well after four or five days, you can list it for a low cost of 0.99 dollars. Then gradually increase the price if your ebook picks up momentum.

How To Market Your Ebook Online

Now that your ebook has been published on an online platform, the next step is to market it to the masses. After all, you would want people to download it and give you good reviews.

So, take to social media and market your ebook. Or, if you have an email list, use that and give your ebook away for free initially in return for good reviews. That being said, listed below are a few ways to market your ebook online:

Showcase Your Ebook On Your Website

One of the easiest ways to market your ebook online is to promote it on your business’s website. However, that doesn’t mean you simply upload it on every webpage possible. Instead, consider sharing it on a few specific web pages with the highest conversion chances. This includes marketing your ebook on:

  • Your website’s headers and footers
  • Your website’s resources webpage
  • Relevant services and product webpages

Market It On Your Blog

Another easy way to market your ebook online is to upload it to your business’s blog. However, if you don’t have one, you can always guest post and include a link to your ebook in the content you’re posting online.

But, ensure that the blog you’re sharing your ebook on is relevant to your target niche. For instance, if your ebook is about marketing tips, ensure that you don’t upload it to a blog that focuses on pet care tips. It will probably end up hurting your website’s SERP rankings as Google is all about providing users with relevant results to their search queries.

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Share It On Social Media

If you’re looking to market your ebook online, promoting it on social media is a no-brainer. After all, with millions of active users, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are perfect for marketing your ebook and business.

Furthermore, you can include social media share CTAs into your ebook’s content so readers can share it with their social media contacts with the click of a mouse. However, when promoting your ebook on social media, ensure that your content contains:

  • A link to your ebook’s opt-in webpage
  • Benefits of reading the ebook
  • Compelling graphics and images to attract readers

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Create An Opt-In Webpage

When marketing your ebook online, you need to have a place to send users to when they click on your ebook’s link. This is where the opt-in page comes into play. It is your opportunity to provide readers with an idea of the benefits they will get after downloading and reading your ebook.

At the end of the day, an excellently crafted opt-in page will take your ebook download rates to new heights. That said, your ebook opt-in page must include:

  • A contact form to collect the reader’s contact details
  • A list of five to six benefits the readers will get after reading your ebook
  • An attractive header to reel the reader into downloading your ebook
  • Carefully crafted body content to help make up your readers’ minds

Hold A Pre-Launch For Your Ebook

Running a pre-launch digital marketing campaign will allow you to generate a ton of interest before your ebook even hits the digital shelves. Typically, a pre-launch event should include posting teasers of your ebook’s content on social media platforms or newsletters and eye-catching images and graphics that complement the ebook itself.

However, ensure that these teasers offer hints into the benefits that the readers will get after reading your ebook.

Wrapping Up

This sums up our guide on how to write an ebook for marketing your business. Equipped with this knowledge, you can write a marketing-centric ebook that will allow you to attract customers with the solutions you provide.

However, the ebook writing process is lengthy and requires patience and exceptional writing skills. So, if you think you don’t have what it takes to write an ebook for marketing purposes, consider hiring a professional ebook writing service to help you craft an ebook that people will pay their hard-earned for!

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