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Websites Every Small Business Should Be Advertising Their Products On

Oct 8, 2021 | Business, Digital Marketing

Advertising is crucial for helping a small business to grow — and to get customers in the first place. Consequently, it’s crucial that you, as a small business leader or marketer, advertise your services in the right locations. Many platforms can bring you business, but there are a few particular platforms that cannot be forgotten.


Instagram is one of the critically important platforms for you to advertise on. This social media is growing rapidly and therefore gives your advertisements many opportunities to be seen. Furthermore, every Instagram post is posted with a picture or video. Pictures naturally breed curiosity and grab viewers’ attention. So, this platform is unintrusive and welcoming because users expect to see ads and they’re drawn to those ads from the pictures. Using Instagram stories to advertise your services is also a successful option.


Another great platform to advertise on is Amazon. Amazon attracts people from various demographics and has data on those individuals. In other words, Amazon DSP advertising lets you use targeted strategies with their audience data. So, consider purchasing Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform) which does just that—lets you use advanced features for targeting audiences. Some examples of these advanced features include geographic location, demographic, site visitation frequency, date and time, and more.


Lastly, remember to advertise on Facebook. Because Facebook and Instagram are connected, some people may think it’s unnecessary to advertise on both platforms. However, advertising on the two platforms combined is your best option. Facebook tends to attract a slightly older demographic than Instagram, so by advertising on both, you reach a higher number of people. Furthermore, Facebook allows you to create both a page and a group that people can join for more information. And likewise with Instagram, Facebook ads are less intrusive than ads in other locations because people expect to see them.

Small businesses need clientele. They need movement. They need revenue. Therefore, they need to increase their reach to a greater number of people. A smart and effective way to do this is to advertise their business on various platforms, especially social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook reach billions of users. Amazon also has millions of users and can cater advertisements to specific demographics. Consequently, by advertising on these three platforms, small businesses will likely drastically increase the number of visitors to their own websites.

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