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Social Media Strategies to Draw in New Customers

Aug 24, 2021 | Business, Digital Marketing, Social Media

The most effective marketing strategies are those that reach the widest, most effective audience in the most effective ways. Social media is easily one of the best and most efficient means of reaching an audience, but once you’ve reached them you need to hold onto them! Drawing these new consumers in requires providing something that captures their attention. Here are a few strategies you can use to capture that attention and thereby gain a bigger customer audience!

Hold Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff! Get people excited about and interested in your company by offering a valuable reward for simple acts of support towards your business.  Giveaways are a perfect way to spread your brand quickly and at a better level of interest. Determine a prize that is worth enough to really get people invested in the “competition” but is also relevant to your company. For the competition aspect you might use a points system (for example, “likes” are 1 point, “tags” are 2 points and “shares” are 5, etc.) or make it a completely random drawing, or require their feedback for entry. Each of these things is of benefit to you and ups their odds of success! Determine your timeline, your rules, and let your followers become a marketing tool that will boost your exposure and benefit your sales.

Partner With Other Companies

Connecting with other businesses is a great way to increase your brand recognition, gain support, broaden your network, and access additional resources. Especially for smaller businesses who need help getting their footing in competitive markets, linking their names with larger and better established companies gives them all the benefits of “establishment” without the struggle of getting to the top! Look for organizations that have a similar vision or goal as your business, and could benefit from the products or services you offer. Connecting with these companies will spread those products and services under a trusted name, which will help your reputation as an equally trustworthy business.

Sell From Your Profile

E-commerce is a complex but essential area of your online presence. You can reduce the stress from running your own store on a webpage, by using social media platforms’ marketplaces. For example, there are a variety of ways to sell on Instagram, so you can find one that will work for you. Figuring out shipping and returns, or handling customer service needs are left to the platform rather than you and your employees. Plus, you are making your products more accessible and easier to purchase when they are on an app or website that your customer is frequently on, and is comfortable with.

Paid Ads

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter collectively have billions of active users checking their feeds daily. Paying for ads on any or all of these sites guarantees millions of views! And, even better, these platforms use data from each profile to tailor ads to each profile’s interests—this means that those who view your ads are already more likely to be interested in the product than other users. Let these online social media sources weed out disinterest for you! The fees required for advertisements that reach such a wide and effective audience are well worth the price. Once you’ve dedicated a portion of your advertising budget to this “medium” of delivery, figure out what kinds of ads are most effective according to your audience and the capabilities of your chosen platform to make your investment even more worth the cost.

Customer Service and Interaction

One of the best ways to keep a customer’s attention and gain their trust, respect and even loyalty is through communication with individual customers! Pay attention to what they say in the comments they make. Questions, praise, and concerns are all valuable contributions to the development and improvement of your business. Invite these kinds of commentary on your social media posts, and then go the extra mile by responding to as many helpful comments as possible. Thank them for their interest, validate their frustrations, and answer their questions fully. Responses from businesses make customers feel heard and valued, which creates a valuable bond of mutual respect that will keep customers pleased with their experiences and recommending your business to their friends.

Provide Shareable Content

If you want your content to do more than just sit on your profile page, make it engaging and interesting enough to share! Users will be more likely to share content that links to your page if it is relevant to them, validating, rewarding, intriguing, funny, or visually appealing. This doesn’t need to be “clickbait” with empty substance on the other end—in fact, the more genuine material that can benefit the viewer in any way, the more effective your content production will be.

Social media can be a powerful tool in taking your business to the next exciting, engaging and innovative level that it needs to survive and even thrive in today’s socially engrossed world. Use these strategies to take the fullest advantage of each platform you choose to utilize!

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