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Is Amazon Marketing That Different from Traditional Digital Marketing?

by | May 12, 2021 | Online Marketing

amazon marketing

Online marketing brings with it a variety of different nuances. You have to understand the different ways general digital marketing works to best leverage your website and other online ads. But you don’t forget about the ins and outs of Amazon marketing as well.

Search Volume and Rank

Search volume refers to the number of times a certain keyword or term is searched over a specific period. Having this specific metric over time can help you figure out how effective certain terms are in pulling up your products. And when you look at how the volume changes over time, you can see any other relevant patterns.

When it comes to comparing traditional digital marketing with Amazon marketing, you probably will have a wider net with digital marketing. Because the first goal is to attract people to your website, you’ll probably use a larger variety of search terms. With Amazon marketing, you’re trying to have your particular product prioritized among other similar products. So here, you’ll want to focus more on the rank that you attain.


When comparing how keywords work in a variety of different marketing settings, it’s important to simply recognize how important they are. Keywords are just as important for Amazon as they are when focusing on your website.

As you start developing your marketing strategy and if your marketing strategy includes Amazon marketing in addition to traditional marketing, do your research and spend time figuring out the best keywords to connect to your products. You may find that the best keywords for your website and your Amazon marketing differ a little.


One of the main differences between Amazon marketing and traditional digital marketing is the way the ads actually work. While you still have to pay for the initial ads, Amazon only really gets paid when someone clicks on your ad.

Recognizing this means that your data about these ads will better reflect how different ads are working. You’ll be able to know which types of ads are resulting in new customers and you’ll be minimizing some of your marketing costs by not having to pay as much for ads that end up working less well. Other more traditional digital marketing options don’t have this same approach to charging you for ads.

Online marketing can be challenging. Figuring out how to best utilize different online tools can be nuanced. But invest enough time into figuring out these different resources so that you can use your different marketing tools to the fullest.

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