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What Your Brand Name Says About Your Business

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Online Marketing

If you operate a business, are looking to create your own startup, or are building up an entrepreneurship, you understand the importance of your brand name. It is more than a simple name or logo, it conveys a deeper meaning to your core audience. Your brand image is all a part of how your business interacts with the industry, with customers, and the world at large. Whether you manage a company or are looking to start your own, here are a few aspects of what your brand name says about your business and how to make sure you present the right image.


While it may not be something many businesses admit, customers are strongly affected by first impressions. And oftentimes, the first impression someone has of your business is the brand name itself. Don’t sell yourself short with a lazy name. Create one (or change it) so that it properly represents how professional and capable you are of delivering value to customers, clients, and fans. Take into account how it will be pronounced, written, spelled, and what font will primarily be used to display your name. Having a thought-out plan is important to getting a quality name.


Your business name should help identify what kind of industry you are in. While it can be tempting to come up with something completely out of the ordinary, it won’t help much if it is meaningless. For instance, “Wild West, Inc.” is not as good as “John’s Roof Repair” if you run a home improvement company.

Keep in mind that your ideal business name (one that indicates your industry and services) might not always be available in your region. If in doubt, Intellectual Property attorneys at TraskBritt Law recommend checking with a local law firm or business bureau to research if you are legally allowed to use a certain name. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure when it comes to your brand name.

Time in Business

Part of your brand name and image is the age of your business. For instance, if you are lucky enough to run a business that has been around for decades or centuries, boast about it in your logo and marketing materials. A business that has lasted a number of years implies it is run well and that it serves its customers, otherwise it would have failed. Leverage how long your company has been in business, unless you are a new startup, in which case “Established in 2017” would not be that beneficial to your brand.

Humorous or Serious

There is a big difference between a company offering professional services (accounting, legal, financial, insurance, etc.) and a company that hosts parties or amusement park tours. The attitude of your brand should be conveyed in your business’ name. While someone may be turned off to a legal firm with a wacky name, a business specializing in child birthday parties may be perfectly justified in something silly or fun. It’s all about what enhances or takes away from your brand. Assess your market and decide what rings true for your circumstances and image. The key here is to stay consistent. Don’t let your tone switch up with each new ad or piece of content. Creating a brand identity takes time and dedication. Find someone who can help keep your style consistent across all platforms.

Social Media Savvy

As a corollary to the previous point, your name can either help you boost your brand in a positive or negative way. If you have a company name that may have been appropriate years ago but now would be mocked on social media, it’s best to update it so you appear not to be out of the loop. Use media that works with your brand image, customer type, and content. If you spread yourself too thin on too many social media sites, you won’t be able to connect very well.

In today’s digital world, anyone can find your business in just a few clicks. It is, therefore more important than ever that you have a solid name and brand image that truly conveys what you want it to. If you don’t, you risk losing your key branding opportunities and alienating core customers. Heed the advice above and relax knowing that your current or new brand name is in line with your message.

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