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Advertising Platforms Every Business Should Be Using in 2021

Nov 18, 2021 | Business, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Years ago, advertising was effectively done in ways far different from today. For example, businesses often used newspapers and even radio advertisements. Today, however, businesses use varying media platforms that reach millions—and sometimes billions—of people. So, if you run your own business or are interested in starting your own business, consider some important platforms you should use to advertise your goods or services.

Facebook for Business

One great platform to use for your business advertising is Facebook. Facebook is helpful for many reasons. First off, this platform has over 2.8 billion users monthly—a huge audience available for reach. Second, Facebook allows you to post pictures and videos of both your product and your business. Customers love knowing who they’re buying from, and they love hearing testimonials about what they’re buying. So, posting about your goods or services on Facebook helps get potential customers interested in what you have to offer. 

Amazon DSP

Another great platform to use for advertising your business, especially in 2021, is Amazon. Amazon has an extremely beneficial feature called the Amazon Demand-side Platform (DSP). This platform allows you to buy video and picture advertisements. In addition to the advertisement, with Amazon DSP, you’re able to cater your advertising to your specific audience. Amazon DSP pulls data information from Amazon users. Then, Amazon DSP gives you access to data you can use to target customers. Therefore, with this platform, you can make sure you reach the specific individuals who might be interested in your product. Furthermore, Amazon has a wide audience as well and can help you develop your brand to many potential clients or customers. 


Lastly, another great advertising platform you must use in 2021 is Twitter. This platform is simple and sweet—it’s a place for you to give short advertisements without your product and build your brand without being too invasive. Twitter also gives you a unique look into your customers’ reaction to your product. Through Twitter, you can determine whether or not your brand really is popular, and you can use popular trends to determine how to improve your product. 

Advertising in 2021 is different from advertising in the decades and centuries beforehand. Being different isn’t bad, however. In this case, it’s great. Through various advertising platforms, you can reach a much larger audience as well as a much more specific audience that’s tailored to your product. So, get your business—however small or large it already is—on these advertising platforms now.

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