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3 Surprising Things That Affect Your Brand

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Business

Branding is always changing, and finding something that will resonate with your target audience forever is almost an impossible challenge. Today’s successful brands understand the importance of adaptability. They use their companies’ core elements as a foundation for the evolving iterations of their brands, ensuring that they’re as recognizable as they are fluid.

What’s in a Name?

Names should be unique but not too unconventional or strange. Not every business is about going against the status quo. If anything, most companies seek to uphold industry standards and excel in their fields rather than redefine them. No matter what name you choose, it needs to be presented to your audience in the right context. That’s where graphic designers come in. Without the proper presentation, brand names can come off as too obscure. People don’t think Apple is weird even if it may have sounded a bit random when it was founded. In general, names should be easy to spell, simple to pronounce and general enough that they give you room to expand as your business grows. You should also make sure that your name is properly associated with you in all channels. According to Podium, one of the best ways to do this is to make sure your business is properly claimed on Google.

The Location

Decide if you need a regular office space or if a virtual office will do. Paying for a physical location could be an unnecessary expense, and the overhead costs could take thousands away from a budget that’s better invested elsewhere. Having an online presence is important no matter your office location, so make sure that you have a professional web design that reflects your company’s culture and values. It’s OK to be fun and personal! The days of robotic, stoic businesses are gone. If you own a business that requires clients to visit you in real life, then make sure you pick a location that’s in a good neighborhood. Decorate the space to reflect your brand’s personality. Be sure to also include some amenities, like free refreshments and phone-charging docks.

Color Psychology

Could your logo actually be eliciting negative subconscious responses in your audience? It’s possible. Color psychology plays a bigger role in business than you may think. Choosing a color scheme for your brand should involve several key areas of consideration — color connotations in your target audience’s culture, the impression your colors say about your business and the hue you choose. A dark blue, for example, is often perceived as more serious than a light, robin-egg shade. Working with a professional graphic designer can help ensure you get the right message across in every facet of your company’s branding assets. Be sure to listen to feedback as you continue to build your brand. Outsider perspectives can completely change the way you see your own business, and that’s not always a bad thing.

You can also check out our article about the psychology of color in logos and branding. Or, if you are in the mood to be inspired by some cool color palettes feel free to check out some of color palettes for inspiration. Feel free to bookmark the page, as we will be constantly adding new ones for your enjoyment!

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