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Why You Should Spend More Time Developing Content for Your Website

Nov 23, 2021 | Business, Digital Marketing, SEO

Google likes it when you create fresh content for your site

You may have heard the phrase “Content Is King” more than once over the years. It’s because it’s on everyone’s lips. Today, every website, from blogs to streaming services, is making ‘content.’ It’s become an all-encompassing term that defines everything from a web series to a blog post.

Hence, working on developing content for your website is a winning strategy for any creator. Putting work into content is necessary because it keeps you current and keeps you active with your audience. Anything less will leave you in the purgatory of irrelevance.

Here is why you should spend more time developing fresh, exciting content for your website.

Developing Fresh Content For Your Site Will Make Google Happy

Google has millions of web crawling algorithms looking for millions of websites every day. These algorithms catalog new websites, change to old websites, and frequently update their indexes.

Google loves it when you update your website with new content or make new content. With each update, you give yourself another chance for Google to recognize you. That way, you can make yourself more known to the algorithm and your core audience.

Fresh Content For Your Website Means Frequent Indexing

While consistent posting may not give you higher indexing, it will ensure that Google indexes your website more often. With more frequent indexing, you have a higher chance of ending up on the Google search results page.

With algorithms crawling new pages on your website or new content more frequently, higher rankings are increasingly possible — search engines like Google, which use web crawlers, index a site based on several factors. Websites can be indexed based on keywords or how often they are updated. Developing new content for your website will kill two birds with one stone.

While MORE content may not be the only key here, more quality content is definitely the key. Updating old content counts as well. Updating a previous blog or video with new details can sometimes propel it to the top of the search results. Even changing a few details or correcting a previous error can do wonders for your rankings. It helps you become more authoritative (see below) to provide more quality and authentic content to your users.

Google regularly updates its search algorithms to improve search

Google Keeps Updating Its Search Algorithms

Google has updated its algorithms several times during the past decade. With these updates have come new preferences for content that is more trustworthy, authoritative, and expertly created. Also, there has been a greater emphasis on how the content is presented to the audience.

Google E-A-T (2018)

Google E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, was a fundamental change to Google’s search algorithms. It placed a greater emphasis on Google’s new preference for useful, actionable content.

Not only did it make clear that Google wasn’t directing users to clickbait anymore, but it also did the opposite. Now, Google was concentrating on giving users the most relevant, helpful, and immediately actionable information.

This could consist of a tutorial, a recipe, an infographic, a blog post, etc. It would only be material that didn’t waste the user’s time or energy. Google was becoming more of an encyclopedia than a dump for keyword-related sites.

Spending time on creating meaningful, useful content for your website is more pertinent now than ever. Without that focus, it’s doubtful that your site will reach the authority or trustworthiness needed to rein in traffic.

May 2021 Google Update

The May 2021 Google Update doubled down on Google’s emphasis on quality content. It also emphasized frequent quality content updates. Hence, it’s crucial now to adhere to Google’s quality standards more than ever before.

Another thing that the May 2021 Google update emphasized was the presentation of content. Now, the ranking of a web page or site will also be affected by how well it’s designed for the user experience. This is not just in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of functionality. Any jitters or flickering elements on a web page will negatively impact the website.

So, when you’re developing more content for your website, you need to focus on its aesthetics as well. It shouldn’t just be clean and simple, it should also be appealing. This is where the web designers and visual content creators need to brush up. Their skills of content creation can make or break a page, no matter how great the content is.

Baby Algorithms

Baby algorithms were mentioned in 2019 by Google’s Gary Illyes in PubCon. Baby algorithms are algorithms assigned to very specific content niches. They crawl websites and web pages meant for very specific content and classify it. That’s how even the most niche of content is identified by Google and presented as response to queries.

Baby algorithms are incredibly useful to content creators who appeal to a very specific niche. Developing fresh content for your site frequently to appeal to these algorithms can give your page or website a boost. It can classify your content more specifically to appeal to your niche audience.

The more that you feed the baby algorithms, the more successful your website can be.

Posting well developed content can increase your authority online

Developing Content For Your Website Will Increase Your Authority

One of the biggest changes that Google’s search engine has gone through in the past decade is, it places more emphasis on authority. Now, it’s no longer only important whether your content matches the keywords in the query, or the relevance to the subject matter. It’s also important whether you’ve gathered enough authority to rank higher on the results page.

Authority requires that you gain a reputation via the Google algorithm of producing great niche content regularly. Of course, that requires putting in the work to develop more useful, actionable, and accurate content. It’s one of the central tenets of Google E-A-T as well. The last one, in fact; Trustworthiness (T).

In fact, Google E-A-T emphasized the creation of Author profiles to recognize authoritative content.  That way, Google’s search algorithms can crawl around for known authoritative sources on certain key subjects. In turn, these author profiles can serve as markers for content that is known to come from trusted sources.

Creating Authoritative Content Regularly Solidifies Online Reputation

Creating content regularly can solidify your reputation online. Creating an author profile and then concentrating on a specific niche to produce consistent content improves trustworthiness. This can even work for posting on Guest Blogs.

Guest blog posting is already known to boost authoritativeness as well as boosting SEO rankings. With an author profile all your own that you repeatedly use to post content, it’s a one-two punch of online authority.

Greater Authority Means Greater SEO

Of course, greater authority means greater SEO. With Google’s new preference for original, authoritative, and trustworthy content, SEO has changed. SEO now takes into account more actionable and useful information from trustworthy sources than ever before.

Hence, concentrating on creating quality content which helps your consumers and your audience is worth the effort. It’s not only going to benefit your website as a whole, but your author profile. Your name and identity will link with your content and create long lasting relevance. That can translate to pages being relevant for months and years, if not decades.

Posting content regularly can keep your audience interested

Users Will Stay Interested If You’re Developing Fresh Content For Your Site

Did you know that 60% of all marketers create at least one piece of content a day? That is in service to the search algorithms of course, but there’s also another reason. The age of the internet has made users fickle and loyalty a thing of the past. While this doesn’t mean to sound as dramatic as it is, it’s definitely true.

Today, the creators that post the most and post regularly tend to retain and engage their audiences. Whether it’s on a blog, on a social network, or a website, there’s no beating consistency.

Users tend to come back to creators or websites that have a regular or frequent posting schedule. Creators or websites which don’t post often usually lose their audiences. Over a long enough period, this means losing your audience completely.

You’ll Generate More Leads with Fresh Content

Fresh content has a way of generating fresh leads. As content ages, you can see the metrics show the disengagement. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every piece of content will always rush to purgatory. Relevant, useful, and actionable content will stay alive for a long time; perhaps months or even years.

However, there’s no denying that fresh content attracts a lot of traffic very fast. In fact, it has a greater chance of generating new leads than your old content. For one, it’s the most recent content that has been created, so it’s newly indexed by Google.

That way, it has a better chance of arriving to the top of the search results list. Finally, new content is also boosted by your previously established authority, and can reach more users than before. That’s why it’s a good idea to spend time creating new, exciting, relevant content for your website.

New content is needed to stay ahead of the competition

New Content is Always on the Horizon

New content is always being created on the internet. No one type of content stays too relevant for very long. Go to any site, whether it’s YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. Content has blossomed, thrived, and then died on those sites. Creators who were earning millions at a time and were considered representatives of the platform are no longer relevant. This is the sad truth of the internet.

However, staying relevant, at least with your niche, requires that you invest in creating new content. This includes working on the style of delivery, the medium of delivery, and even the subjects.

Don’t ever miss a trend that is taking over the internet if it’s relevant to your niche. Don’t miss a specific event that your audience may love. These things are easy to overlook or to miss, but they can cost you in the future. They are opportunities which can gain you new subscriptions and paying customers. They can boost sales, and get you new sign ups.

User generate content can boost profits

Frequent User Generated Content (UGC) Can Boost Sales

Today, user generated content is having its moment in every industry. Creators are looking at data and their audience in a more holistic and specific manner than ever before. That allows  them to create content for their most profitable and most engaged demographic, whatever that may be.

To create user generated content, it’s important to spend time looking through data and recognizing the right subjects for creation. It’s not just about pushing out as much content as possible, it’s about realizing what your audiences want to see, hear, or watch.

Take for example a comment section on a recent blog post or a video that you’ve made. If you see people discussing a topic which is closely related to that video, there’s an opportunity for more content. In fact, some creators even use negative responses to their content to improve or better their content.

User Generated Content is also very authentic. Since it derives from communication between you and your users, it’s a natural evolution of your own content. 90% of all users love authenticity online, because it’s so rare. Creating content which emerges out of a dialogue is one of the best ways to be authentic.

However, it will require that you pay attention and take  time to develop more content for your website.

Spending time developing fresh content for your site is a necessity today. Without it, you risk irrelevance and the void of purgatory. There are technical, and social benefits to creating content that keeps your audience and the algorithm engaged. With it come the benefits of new leads, boosted sales, and an active audience.

With enough dedication and reading between the lines, you can create content that appeals to your audience and search algorithms.  With some luck, you can even retain it. However, for that, you have to spend more time developing great content for your site.

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