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The Importance of Web Design in Creating a Killer Website That Converts to Sales

Aug 13, 2020 | Web Design


The importance of great web designing techniques in today’s increasingly interconnected world is pertinent to both individuals as well as most businesses. It is very important to understand that merely establishing an online presence is not good enough.

Not when there are millions of websites out there; and all of them are trying to catch the reader’s attention. This is why the importance of a well-designed and aesthetically appealing website cannot be denied.

A well designed site will:

We all react to visual clues in very subtle ways, sometimes even without our knowledge. In fact, a recent study concluded that over 75 percent of website visitors continued to stay on the site because they found the web design visually appealing.

A well-designed and professionally updated website will signal a tremendous amount of trust with your audience. It will show that you take your site seriously and have hired the best professionals to design it.

A well designed and well-presented website can not only add great value to your company, but it can also help in creating brand awareness.  Ultimately, it can serve as the tip of the spear of all your marketing efforts, even as it helps to give your brand the visibility and the recognition that it deserves.

In fact, your website has the potential to become the single most important part of your organization’s overall marketing plan. If the design structure of your website is perfect, it can help in the following ways:

It Will Help the Visitor to Effortlessly Navigate Through the Site

If you have a very large website and there are plenty of pages to navigate through, it is a good idea to create a main menu or a navigation bar. This is of paramount importance when it comes to making a great website for your business. When your website navigation is user-friendly, it makes it all that much easier for visitors to scroll through your whole site to search for whatever they want.

This applies to potential clients and customers as well as casual visitors. Once they get hooked to the effective simplicity of your website, they will definitely keep coming back again and again. However, this is only possible if you refresh your site and update it with relevant and useful information as often as possible.

It is very simple really. One study concluded that when people are given fifteen minutes to consume online content, they always went for well-designed and easy to navigate sites over complicated ones.

Simplicity and beauty combined, go a long way in both capturing and ultimately retaining the interest of your target audience.

It Sets a Great First Impression

Your website is often the very first point of contact between you and your target audience. In fact, once your audience visits your website, it will give them their first impression of what it is that you do. All visitors will automatically judge your website within seconds.

website designed for seminole county companyIf you fail to make a great impression within those critically important first few seconds you have will almost certainly lose that visitor’s interest and they will be unlikely to come back, ever again. This is why it is so very important to make an impression that leaves a positive impact on your audience.

If your website looks outdated or unlikable, the odds are that your visitors will immediately get a negative impression of your company. If they don’t find it appealing enough, they will close your site and go look for others in the same category.

When it comes to first impressions, very few things are as important as great web design. Ultimately, it will have a tremendous impact on precisely how your audience will perceive your brand. In this case, the site’s design elements will either get them to remain on your page and absorb the information you have shared or leave your website and turn somewhere else.

If you have done your homework correctly, your visitors will remain where they belong — on your page.

It Leads to Higher Rankings on Search Engines

Always remember that visitors who stay on your site for at least a few minutes signal their faith in the information you have placed online. Google’s advanced algorithms notice this, and they will, in turn, bump your website upwards, till it makes it into the coveted first page listings on all the popular search engines.

It is important to create a visually inspiring design so that your audience remains on your site. The search engines are smart, and they have been designed to only promote those websites that offer a certain amount of value addition. If the bounce rate is high, your site will automatically drop down the listings.

A site is said to have a high bounce rate when it cannot retain a visitor beyond a few seconds at most. The search engines notice high bounce rates and lowers the ratings of such sites accordingly. Conversely, the more the time a visitor spends on a site, the higher that site’s ratings on Google, Bing and other search engines.

It Generates Trust

People just plain don’t trust poorly designed websites. If it is a shoddy looking website or the information looks seriously outdated, the odds are that just won’t have any faith in the website. It will come off as seedy or shady. In this case, they will see the content in the same light and consider it to be equally unreliable.

Manufacturing Company Example
Let us take the example of the corporate website of XYZ Inc. a large scale manufacturing company. ABC  company is interested in a multi-million dollar deal with XYZ and they go through the website to see if the manufacturing concern is good enough to handle their order. After all, they are spending a tremendous amount of money and they want to conduct their due diligence properly. If they see that XYZ’s site has been designed very poorly and has not been updated for a long time, they will almost certainly take their business elsewhere.

On the other hand, a well-designed and professionally updated website will signal a tremendous amount of trust with your audience. It will show that you take your site seriously and have hired the best professionals to design it. This will automatically translate into trust for your content as well and they will look forward to visiting your site time and again to find fresh content.

Well Designed Websites Are Consistent

If you want your target audience to only consider your brand amongst all others, you have to create an element of consistency all across your website. This will help you to build up your brand identity so that your audience will get familiar with your website and choose it in comparison to your competitors.  Your web design process will definitely help in creating across the board consistency all over your site.

It will ensure that you have the same styles, logos, and layouts across every page and section. If the individual pages on your site follow different patterns your site will look markedly unprofessional. Moreover, it will be more challenging to build brand recognition since your visitors won’t know which colors are associated with your brand.

If you fail in creating consistency, your visitors will simply bounce from your site to others that look more professional than your website.

Is Built with Responsive Design

As of now, an increasingly higher number of people are accessing websites via their mobile devices. This is why responsive web design is now considered more important than ever before. You will be getting visitors from a host of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

If your web design has been geared to work with only PCs and laptops, you will be losing a very large part of your target audience. Especially those people who now use their mobile devices to access the internet.

If a website is not responsive enough, it will simply lead to the attrition of all the people who don’t use a specific device for visiting your website.  For example, a site that is not optimized for a smartphone won’t be able to work well with one, and the visitor will have to scroll through the text and the navigation bar to get to the desired page. They will get tired of it and opt for sites that are responsive enough to work on all platforms.

In short, responsive web design ensures that your visitors always have a good experience on your site. This is irrespective of the device they use because the site adapts to the device instead of the other way around.

responsive website design in hernando county florida

Organization and Search Engine Optimization

Reading a website should be roughly akin to reading an actual book. That is, your message should be organized from left to right and from top to bottom just like a regular book. It should be easily visible on the screen and your readers should not have to scroll all over the device to understand your message.

It will also help if you were to incorporate business-related keywords to help enhance the website’s
search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Apart from that, it is also very important to think long-term when it comes to designing your website.

You should always remember that digital trends are usually transient in nature and it is a much better idea to construct a modern site with a classy feel. Such a structure will last longer and won’t need constant augmentations to keep up with the times.

It Should Be Engaging to Its Visitors

Once you create that truly exceptional layout, your website will easily attract more hits in comparison to the basic free templates that have now saturated the internet. The more engaging the site, the greater the chance of a lead turning into a possible conversion. Furthermore, your site will be shared a whole lot more with your target audience.

A Solid Design Initiative Can Remove Any Errors and Issues

Many poorly designed websites have a number of issues that must be rectified if you want your site to be popular amongst your target audience. Some of the more common issues include the following ones:

  • Dull and boring layout
  • A very high level of complexity
  • Small font size
  • Pop-ups
  • Slow loading times

If the site is not colorful enough or if the text is too small to read and the information appears to be jumbled, it will automatically lead to higher bounce rates. In effect, all of that effort will be wasted.

A well-designed website will take care of these problems by following using the following tips:

Front Page Layout

The internet today, is primarily a visual medium and this is why the front page matters the most. Once the site opens, it will display its front or landing page. If this  page fails to engage the site viewers, they will close it and move off in search of better websites, especially sites that look more visually enticing. In the past, many companies chose to use sliders in the main area (hero image section) to get as much information “above the fold” as possible on the home page. But, studies have shown that this is a terrible practice. Not only does it kill page load speed times, but users have “slider blindness” and never see past the first slide anyway. Now, the more accepted practice is one very clear and strong “hero image” to draw in the visitors interest. Also, many home page fail to clearly define calls to action to their website visitors, thus leaving them confused as to what steps to take next to engage with the company.

You Have to Create a Killer About Us Page

The ‘About Us’ page is also an extremely important part of a well-designed website. You should always try and aim for a relatively clean and uncluttered look. This would generate the interest of the visitors so that they will linger long enough to get out of the ‘bounce rate’ zone.

It would help if you were to differentiate this page by using fonts and colors that are completely different from the usual ones found in competing websites in the same category. This way you will be able to highlight your company and your brand more effectively.  You should also consider using bold fonts and plenty of images while adhering to the same theme as the rest of the website. This way you will be able to remain consistent while simultaneously standing out from the clutter around you.


Great website design will allow the site’s owners to create a very user-friendly and welcoming online environment. One that will allow visitors to gain access to useful information any time of the day.

Ultimately, a well-managed and well-designed website, allows people to rely on you. It will build trust and remove any lingering doubts amongst your target audience, and they will come to your site and recommend you to other people as well.

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