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Content Is King: Designing a Content-Based Website

Aug 16, 2019 | Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design

A steady increase in online traffic on a daily basis is widely considered to be ‘the holy grail’ of digital marketing. But the key issue is not the generation of hits.  But rather the fact that these hits must be converted into sales.

If you are interested in creating a self-sustaining online business then a high conversion rate is of significant importance. This does not mean that generating leads is not important. It only means that it is superseded by the more critical goal of making sales. Ultimately, it is the latter that will be critical to the success of your business.

Uninterested visitors will only increase your bounce rate and they will also have a negative impact on your search engine listings.

Conversion rates

The high conversation rates that we desire are only possible when your website actually attracts highly relevant traffic in the first place. Acquiring a suitably large number of hits is very important and the formula to do that is fairly straightforward.  The more hits you get on your site, the more the potential for the kind of leads that will  lead to sales.

However, this will happen only when your website is able to attract the right traffic. Furthermore, your visitors should not just come to the site. Instead, they should stay there at least long enough to enter the ‘web marketing funnel.’ This is the process that leads an individual to not just your website, but it also ‘converts’ him into becoming a customer.

There are certain reasons due to which content is of paramount importance in the creation of a great content-based website. Here are a few of them.

Good Content Can Aid in Attracting New Traffic to Your Site

Once you start posting fresh and interesting content on your blog, or even on your social media sites, you will improve the odds of people actually coming to your site. Apart from that, it will also increase the sheer number of visitors as well. Simply by linking the content on your site to other pieces that exist both onsite and offsite. For example, linking your post to other sites.

Content Can Help in Building a Rock Solid Reputation

If you are interested in building a stellar reputation for your website, then you can start by simply placing high-quality content on your social media accounts. However, it is important that all of the content (both prose and images) should be refreshed consistently.

Many brands skip this relatively straightforward principle. This means that whenever someone actually wants to know more about your products, your social media platforms will not be up-to-date.

If that happens, the odds are it will lead your potential customer to think that your brand does not focus on the customers. Especially when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. Most of the digital marketing-savvy brands will always try and keep their posts and pages highly updated for this very reason.

Content Can Help in Influencing Purchase Decisions

There are times when your customer will visit the online store because he is hard-pressed for time. Such customers will be interested in just skimming through the words  to make an ‘on the spot’ decision.

On the other hand, if the content is really well written and highly engaging, then it will gain the customer’s interest. The customer might buy your product on the spur of the moment. Moreover, engaging content does not just work for impulsive buyers. On the contrary, it works even better for customers who make calculated and researched decisions.

Furthermore, if you weave a ‘call to action’ in your content so that it seems to part of the narrative, it can bring about a more direct conversion. Also, keep in mind that every permanent customer is a source of revenues and profits. Social proof, the new word of mouth, has never been more important!

content marketing graphic

Good Content Also Actively Encourages Confidence in The Brand

Unlike the impulsive buyer, there are consumers who will always ‘do their homework’ by conducting due diligence-based research regarding the pros and cons of different brands. They will do so in order to help make up their minds to go for the best option, vis-à-vis the amount they will spend on the purchase.

Such buyers will usually need to read something that could justify investing their money. They need confidence so that they will trust a brand. When these types of customers come across your site then it is up to your content alone to secure their confidence. This way they enter the web marketing funnel with complete peace of mind.

After all, they have done their homework and, therefore, know all about the market and the kind of products that are currently available. And once they have made the crucial purchase decision, after all of that research, they  rely on their knowledge to make a decision  The last thing they would want to do is to go through the whole elaborate exercise in a bid to eliminate any residual ‘pre-and post-purchase dissonance’.

Good Content Can Also Become a Separate Source of Earning

This is not very easy to do, but the rewards are very high. There are quite a few really powerful brands that carry top-notch content on their websites. The content is flexible enough to be featured as a distinct and ‘standalone’ service from the brand itself.  You can learn from their experience, or you can simply get your blogs and other pieces featured on other forums. Some examples of standalone content include eBooks, online magazines, or even whitepapers.

When you create highly sought after content, in essence, you are making a really good long-term online investment that will never lose value.

Good Content Can Potentially Last Forever

Think ‘evergreen content’ here. This is the kind of content that never grows old. Instead, it remains as fresh and relevant as it was the day it was first published.

There are certain topics that people are never going to stop searching. It could be something as simple as tips and tricks on different methods to do something. Some examples include the following.

  • How to execute a double knot on your tie
  • How to tie your shoelaces correctly
  • X ways to make that perfect ponytail
  • Top X healthy foods/ Diet plans
  • How to change a tire, etc

The Importance of Day to Day Topics

Such topics will never really grow stale because they are concerned with activities that we have to perform in our day-to-day lives. Keep in mind that these are just a few examples. There are thousands of such topics that will never grow irrelevant.

While you may think that they have been done to death, this is not always the case since people always appreciate a new perspective on these topics. The invention of new technologies and methodologies will only serve to increase the collective wisdom regarding these issues.

When you create such highly sought after content, you are making a really good long-term online investment that will never lose value.

This is the part where any broad-based and highly effective content marketing strategy comes into the picture. For instance, the kind of digital content strategy that will be able to deliver significant impact an audience. Moreover, it has to be in a manner that will help them make that all-important purchase decision. Let us see what such a comprehensive strategy will entail:

Understanding Your Core Target Market

Any content-based website strategy will have to come from the actual target audience itself.  In other words, you will have to determine the demographics as well as the psycho graphics of the audience.  For example, if you are a cricket bat retailer in London, it will never make sense to pepper your blogs with keywords related to the Vietnam war

Basically, you will have to tailor-make your web content to fit the target audiences’ personal likes and dislikes. For instance, an interview with the current captain of the British cricket team will be able to generate a whole lot more interest in your cricket bats than anything else.

Headlines are Very Important

It is almost impossible to underrate the importance of a headline. Unfortunately, many digital marketing content specialists usually love to write content without understanding the importance of the main headline.

In other words, if your title and headlines are eye-catching enough, you will be able to capture the imagination of the reader. Consequently, the readers will be hooked enough to try and read the whole blog.

Once they do that, the odds are more than likely that they will enter the marketing funnel as well.  This is why you should always try to go for an eye-catching title and accompanying byline.

Website Content Should Never Be Only Text-Based

It is very easy to fall into the same monotonous routine of churning out word after word. However, it does not have to be this way. You can use different mediums to make your content more interesting. For example, you can use different types of infographics to break down a lot of hard statistics. You can use both graphs and charts to create an amazing visual narrative.

Furthermore, you can also use animated videos and gifs that can also help in explaining a particularly difficult topic, quickly and thoroughly. Then there are different types of personal interviews with the leading lights of any industry. Such an interview can provide highly valuable insights into various aspects of a product or service that might not be found anywhere else. These are very good examples of various factors that should be taken into consideration whenever you are trying to produce more in-depth content.

Add Multiple Long-Tail and Short-Tail Keywords to Your Original Content

You should also consider peppering your blog posts with an assortment of both long and short-tail keywords. Many of these keywords are words and phrases that will be strongly associated with the blog’s core topic. Unfortunately, we have seen many clients write copy for their websites only to forget the use of such keywords.

For example, imagine that you have just finished uploading a comprehensive 2000+ word power post defining various aspects of the ‘Paleolithic Diet’. For an article like this your short-tail keywords might include some of the  following terms:

  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition
  • Grains
  • Cavemen

And, some of the long-tail keyword examples will include:

  • How to lose weight
  • Losing weight while following the paleo diet
  • How to lose those extra pounds fast


Ultimately, your content-based website will always go a long way in making sure that you are able to retain the interest of your target market. This way you will be able to generate sales not just once but repeatedly.


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