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7 Essential Features Users Want From a Mobile Website

Jul 13, 2015 | Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design

Mobile Website Design

With 50% of all internet browsing experiences now coming from smaller mobile devices, and it being more essential than ever that your website is served up in a mobile-friendly fashion, it is also important that you offer your visitors a clean and easy-to-use mobile experience. Find out the seven features mobile website users are looking for while web browsing.

1. Easy Navigation

One of the biggest pet peeves of mobile users is an inability to easily navigate a mobile website. Navigation should be accessible to your visitors via a collapsed menu on a mobile device. Visitors don’t want to have to pinch and zoom to read tiny print in navigation buttons.

2. Large Buttons

Calls to action are important on a website, whether it is being served up as a desktop experience or on mobile devices. Tiny un-tappable buttons will only cause your visitors to get frustrated and leave, costing you valuable sales. The recommended size for buttons is 45-56 pixels.

3. Collapsible Content

Phones and tablets have smaller screens for viewing. By offering collapsible content your mobile visitors don’t have to feel like they are missing out on valuable content when visiting from a mobile device. Collapsible content helps the user feel more in control of their experience, as they can open and close only what they want to read, without wasting valuable time scrolling around on pages.

4. Enlargeable Product Images

Because a mobile screen is small, it can be hard for users to view images properly. You should allow your users the opportunity to expand your product image to see it in greater detail, if they like.

5. Social Media Integration

Include social sharing buttons to help increase your company’s reach online. Consider adding social login options for sites that require a login. Mobile users are less inclined then desktop users to register for a company site, but are more inclined to use their social logins when they do so. Make it easy on them!

6. Cohesive Experience from Desktop to Mobile

Keep your branding consistent from desktop to mobile. Consistent branding builds confidence with visitors. When a mobile visitor recognizes your brand on their device they feel more comfortable doing business with you.

7. Mobile Maps

Mobile maps can be extremely important for websites that rely on local traffic. Consider adding a map to your mobile site so users can  easily access directions to visit your business in person.

These are just a few ideas for making your visitor’s mobile experience more positive. If your website isn’t already mobile friendly, now is the time to make it so!


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