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How to Use Your Logo to Help Brand Your Company

Sep 16, 2021 | Business, Logo Design

Your logo is meant to be seen, and absolutely needs to be powerful. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort finding the perfect symmetry and simplicity, or paid a lot of money to a logo designer to do it for you. The colors are tuned perfectly. It is identifiable and beautiful, both from close, afar, and in a tiny dot on social media. But now, what are you supposed to do with it? How can you use your logo to help brand your company?

Product Placement

As a company, figuring out where to place your logo can be a complex problem. It’s one thing to stick an advertisement in a local magazine. It’s another to get your brand seen and talked about in visual media. Visual media creates a deep association in the brain. Simply, this means what people see others enjoying, outside of a formal advertisement, creates the association that the recommendation can be trusted. Especially if those individuals are their favorite bloggers, YouTubers, or television personalities. They then not only see your logo, but the use of and enjoyment of your product!

Mobile Advertisements

Turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard places your logo right where consumers can’t miss it. Vehicle wrapping is far less expensive, and a lot longer lasting, than billboards. Your logo and design can be incorporated into a mobile advertisement which functions as a company vehicle. This means that every place your vehicle goes, your advertisement goes beautifully along.

Your Good Name

Everybody knows that a good business needs to have a great logo. After that, though, it can be complicated to know where to put the logo. The answer to that question of where the logo goes?  Everywhere. Your logo IS your name and your brand in all media. It goes on your company letterhead, on all emails in the signature, and on your website. Any freebie handouts, any direct mail, and any social media should all be associated with your logo. This is why a cleanly designed, clever and easy to spot logo is so critical. It is your ambassador in the marketplace, and you need it to be both memorable and easy to find, over and over again.

Your logo holds the secret to memorability. You’ve already got a great team, a great product, and a functional production management system. Your logo is the key to making sure that the world is aware that you’re ready. Make sure it’s shown everywhere, to everyone!

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