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What Is The Ideal Length For Things Posted Online?

Apr 15, 2015 | Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design

Internet is a Zoo

I recently ran across a really neat infographic from BufferSocial, which shows what the ideal length of things like Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, blog titles and other things that are routinely posted online should be.

And, one may ask, why does this matter? Generally it matters because when you are posting items online you are hoping for engagement from your audience. Should these guidelines be hard and fast? Of course not. However, they are a good starting off point to gauge your post lengths on social media and your blog.

For instance, studies have show that the optimal length of a tweet should be 71 to 100 characters. This length is a good starting point because it gives you enough characters to get your message across, and leaves room for someone who retweets it (and isn’t that the goal) room to add their own message.

The best length for a Facebook post is about 40 characters. 40 characters seems to provide maximum engagement with your audience and engagement seems to slow the longer you go in your posts. Shorter posts tend to received morel likes and comments, according to a BlitzLocal study of 11,000 Facebook pages over a seven month time frame.

For a more in-depth analysis of the numbers, head over to BufferSocial and read their complete article.



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