Turnkey Website Design & Hosting Packages

Website solutions starting at only $249!

On average, a complete custom, built from the ground up, website project is currently running around $5,000 to $15,000. But, we know some companies have much more simple needs and don’t need a lot of the functionality that is being built into these premium websites. They want a cheap website that doesn’t look cheap! And we have solutions for you starting at just $249!

We now offer Website Turnkey Packages that make our services affordable and accessible to companies that have smaller budgets, without sacrificing quality.

This is great for “makeovers” on existing sites, to give them to a more modern look, make them responsive to all screen sizes, and make them functional for all users.

Please contact us for a custom quote for larger projects that require more functionality in the website or integration with third-party apps and services, or if you want to maintain your current hosting elsewhere.

What is one new client or customer a month worth to you? These low-cost website packages, designed for local small businesses, will pay for themselves in new leads and sales every month!

These are simple, clean, mobile friendly, and elegant websites, designed specifically for smaller businesses, to get you up and running quickly online at a price that won’t break your budget.

Website Design + Monthly Hosting + Monthly Maintenance + Daily Site Cloud Backups

Web Package Includes Backend Maintenance & Software Updates with Monthly Report

Websites created with these packages are template-based, however they will, of course, be customized specifically for your business and niche market. Prices are contingent upon the client providing us with all relevant website body copy (text) for your website. If you need content writing services, they are available for an additional fee. These prices are limited to the website build, monthly hosting, and monthly software maintenance and upkeep for security. This does NOT include SEO or digital marketing services, however those are available for an additional fee, if needed. Monthly recurring charges are billed to a credit card.

Please note, NONE of these packages include shopping cart/eCommerce functionality, API integration with third-party vendors or services, custom programming, custom scripts, database integration, or other custom website functions. They also do not include logo design, complete custom built branding packages, content writing, SEO services, digital marketing services, social media marketing, or keyword research.

There is a 24-month minimum required commitment because we are heavily discounting these web design builds on the front-end. All monthly fees must be billed to a valid credit card on an auto-recurring basis. It is the client’s responsibility to keep an updated credit card on file for billing.

Please read the FAQs below to understand what is and is not included. If you need something with additional functions and features, please contact us for a custom quote.

*Sorry, we do not offer these sites for hosting on outside servers.
If you would like to host elsewhere, please contact us for a custom quote on your website design or scroll below for more pricing.

Optional Package Feature Add-Ons

If there is a feature you need, that is not included in your package above, it may be available for an additional charge as an add-on.

SSL Certificate and installation $50/year
Security plugin installation and configuration $75
Facebook Feed Setup & Integration
($50/year for continued support after year one)
Instagram Feed Setup & Integration
($50/year for continued support after year one)
YouTube Feed Setup & Integration
($50/year for continued support after year one)
Dynamic Reviews Feed Setup & Integration
($50/year for continued support after year one)
Leave Review Page (only available with purchase of Dynamic Reviews Feed above) $75
Built-in blog (initial setup) $200
One homepage slideshow w/ up to 4 images $250
SEO plugin installation $50
Additional forms (price depends on the complexity of form) $50+/form
Site submission to Google via the Google Search Console $50
Google Analytics tracking code basic setup and installation $150
Additional pages (paid at the time of site creation or when ordered) $250/page
Changes made to site, after initial launch (before your discount) $99/hour
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Credit Cards

The pricing shown for all packages on this page is for basic informational and/or brochure-style website design only. Client consultations, meetings and reviews are done via phone or online only.

Prices do not include training on how to use security plugins, SEO plugins, Google Analytics, or WordPress itself. You can hire me for training at my standard hourly rate for that type of instruction, or simply use the internet to find free and low costs tutorials online for these tools. There are plenty available.

Prices based on client supplying us with all text/body copy and images they would like on site. We can supplement images from our stock photography collection, if needed.

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All of our reviews below are verifiable online reviews from real clients.

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Elena Sweet

Nora runs a first class operation! She goes above and beyond and her work is impeccable. You wont be disappointed with Nora Kramer Designs.

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Jessica Light

I have been using Nora since 2016 when she updated my website. She did a great job with my website, I get compliments on it all the time. Every time I have had an issue, she has taken care of it right away. Lately I was having... read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does basic website design pricing mean?

These prices are for basic informational and/or brochure-style websites. So, what does that mean? It means they are designed for a basic website that conveys information to your clients or customers. This includes information about your services, your business history, an “About Us” page, a “Contact Us” page, etc.

These prices do not apply to clients that require eCommerce functionality, including shopping cart integration and web stores, sites where you want a way to take payments online from your customers, sites that require databases or some type of interaction and functionality with a third party, custom PHP or other programming languages, large photo galleries, custom API integrations, event scheduling, etc.

Websites that require that type of special functionality and features are considered custom websites and will be quoted per project. You can expect to pay quite a bit more for them as well.

What if I want to add features that are available ala carte, but are not included in my package choice?

Some packages may not have features included in the price that you would like to have on your website. Please see the optional add-on pricing above for more information regarding how much it would costs to add them. The additional cost of an add-on will be a one-time fee, added to your first month’s payment, to implement them in your website.

What constitutes a page of copy on a website?

A page is generally considered no more than 1 to 2 pages of double-spaced copy on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Don’t expect to cram 5 or 6 pages of typewritten copy onto one “page” of a website. Your website visitors won’t read it!

What am I responsible for providing?

You are responsible for providing all content, text, logos, images and any photographs that you want to use on the website. We will then put it all together and build you a website.

We do have a large library of stock photography, with images that will be licensed to your website upon completion, that we may draw from to help create your website, or if you don’t have professional photographs to provide for your project. This service is included in the price shown above.

We will review any copy you provide, and make suggestions for how to make it more SEO (search engine) friendly, however we do not do full-scale SEO work in these basic projects.

If you need help with keyword research, copywriting, copy editing, custom graphics, logo design, and other assets for your website, they can be provided by our highly skilled team, however you will incur additional fees for this type of work. Contact us for pricing if you are going to need these type of additional services.

What is included in the prices shown?

These prices shown are for the website development and design, monthly website hosting, free SSL certificate (on some packages), and monthly website maintenance (on our Nickel plan). Pretty much everything you need to get online, except for a domain name. If you don’t already have a domain name purchased — heck, we will throw that in too!

In order to offer these low prices up front, we do ask for a 24-month minimum commitment to us. After that time, you are free to move your site to another host if you like.

Pricing is contingent on the client supplying us with all graphics, logos, and content for their website, with minimal work needed to clean up on supplied content. If custom graphics, infographics, logo design, or content writing is needed, these are all billed in addition to the development of the site.

What if my website needs more work or other features?

Please contact us for a custom quote if your project falls outside of the scope of the packages as outlined above, or will require special services, plugins, or other interactive features. For sites such as this, it’s best to actually speak with you and help you determine what exactly it is that you need, before delving into the quoting process.

What if I want to have a website designed based on my ideas?

While we are always open to client input on their site, please understand that these turnkey website design packages have limitations and are not intended for people who want to heavily customize their site, or have some preconceived notions of how they want it to function or look.

If you are going to micro-manage your site design, or want to interject some sort of “art direction” into the project, please contact us for a custom website design and development quote.

While the price point will be more for a custom website, based on your ideas, you will then have a dedicated project manager working with you to help guide the process and can get a more personalized and customized look and feel, if needed.

What if I need other graphic design or marketing services?

If custom graphics, logo designs, branding packages, SEO work (beyond the standard SEO that is done making sure the structure of your site conducive for search engines), digital marketing services, or content writing is needed, these are all billed in addition to the development of the site.

Please let us know this before we start the job, so we can give you an accurate quote for these additional custom services.

What about website hosting?

Monthly website hosting is included in your monthly package price.  Pricing is based on your hosting needs not exceeding 5GB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth each month. If your traffic exceeds these limits, which quite frankly are more than enough for 99% of the websites out there, your monthly pricing may be subject to change, as we will have to allot more server space to your site.

Unless you are getting tens of thousands of visitors to your site each day, or need to host a ton of large images, PDF files, or documents on your server, there are generally no worries. Believe us when we say, most people think they need more web resources then they actually do!

For these packages we do require that your monthly website hosting is done through us. Some hosting companies just simply don’t offer the control needed to build a professional website properly in the backend, therefore we won’t work on a budget site that is hosted outside of our servers.

If you simply must keep your own host, please contact us for a quote on a custom website built. Also, keep in mind that we cannot work on any site where we don’t have access to the files via FTP/SFTP, or some sort of control panel with a file manager. Too many things can go wrong where you need access to this to fix them.

What about ongoing maintenance to the site?

Your package price includes our Nickel Monthly Maintenance Plan, which is usually $49 per month on it’s own. You can optionally upgrade to one of our other monthly maintenance plans at any time.

A Monthly Maintenance Package is a must for any company, so having it added to your package is such a great value. This is especially true for a content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. Failing to maintain and update the backend software that runs your website leaves you open to security issues and hackers.

What if I am local and want to meet face to face?

When working with us on a basic website development project we keep in touch via phone calls, email, and/or through your client project portal online. Budget projects get the same client treatment that our more expensive custom website design clients get, to help facilitate the project between us and the client.

The prices shown on this page are highly discounted prices from our custom website development projects, which range in price from $5,000 to $20,000. If we are doing a custom web design project for you, face-to-face meeting time is actually budgeted into a proposal that is custom tailored to your project.

However, on these basic website packages, that is obviously not the case. These discounted website packages are designed for small businesses who don’t need a large website development team and project manager, but are simply just looking to get a new, or redesigned, website online at a more affordable price.

Also, be aware that 95% of my clients have never even met with us face-to-face, even some local ones, since the internet makes doing business outside of the local area so convenient. In person meetings are not always a necessity for this type of work.

That being said, if you feel face-to-face meetings are something that you need, and you are local to us (within a 30 minute drive), we will certainly be happy to accommodate you. But, understand that your project will cost more than what is shown on this page.

In person meeting time will be billed at our standard current hourly rate, which is $100/hour, on top of the price of the website shown above.

Please understand, it’s not that I don’t want to meet you. We would actually have no problem meeting you for coffee and a 15 to 30 minute chat. However, face to face meetings locally just never quite work out that way. We have found that in-person meetings inevitably go on for 2 to 3 hours, or longer, at a stretch, and the discounted prices we am offering you don’t account for that type of time commitment.

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