There is so much talk about branding these days, and for good reason. In the age of so much noise, especially online noise, branding your company so it stands out from others couldn’t be more important.

But, branding isn’t just about the logo you use or your color palette. It encompasses so much more than that. It’s the feeling that is evoked by your end users when they think of your company. And, everything your company produces should be on-brand to carry that feeling through to everyone your company touches.

You may have a gorgeous website that is professional and clean and on point for the brand you are trying to build, but if your email newsletters look like they were done by a fifth grader you are blowing your branding goals with every email that you send out. Why? Because your tone isn’t consistent.

Remember, building a solid brand takes two things – time and consistency.

It’s very important when building your brand to keep a consistent tone in your marketing materials, whether online or in print. If you website is fun and whimsical, but your printed material is serious and rigid, then you aren’t properly building your brand. Stick with one “tone” and carry it through on all of your marketing materials.

Keeping your brand consistent allows you to shape how people perceive your company.

According to North Star Marketing:

  • Consistency helps you manage perceptions. By thinking carefully and deliberately about your brand you can shape how people perceive your organization. Consistency connotes professionalism, purpose, and stability.
  • Consistency conveys your outlook and attitude. A focused effort to establish and maintain consistent branding will deliver a very specific set of impressions: Are you serious? Are you intentional? Do you follow through? Are you focused?
  • Consistency eliminates issues surrounding brand confusion. For many companies, their branding is actually more of a hindrance than a help. A consistent brand should instill confidence rather than engender confusion.
  • Consistency protects your investment. Without established brand standards, many organizations spend thousands of dollars crafting a logo and building a message, only to have it degraded by inconsistent, sloppy application. Build equity in your brand by being consistent. Consistency builds upon previous successes.

Are you paying attention to how you are treating your brand? If not, maybe it’s time to start doing so.


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Nora Kramer

Designer + Brand Strategist at Nora Kramer Designs
Nora Kramer is a graphic designer, website developer, and online marketing consultant, based in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, with over two decades of experience in graphic design, website development and company branding. She also has a passion for photography and writing. Nora received the Charlie Award (1st Place) in 2002 for "Best Magazine Feature Article of the Year" from the Florida Magazine Association for a cover feature article she wrote for "Create," a graphic design magazine. You can follow all of her social media channels at
Nora Kramer
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