It’s never too early to start beefing up your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts for the coming new year. So what are the things you should be looking at to boost your rankings?

According to ID Marketing Tools, a site devoted to helping markers find the best tools and tactics with data-driven insights and tutorials, you need to look to the following items for better 2017 rankings:

  • Get on board with AMP pages.
  • Beef up your local SEO.
  • Understand Google’s RankBrain.
  • Make your SEO more people-focused.
  • Backlink like a boss.


Get on board with AMP pages.

Google knows the younger audience is on those platforms. In order to stay relevant, and keep their all-important Ad revenue, they have to win in a mobile world. How better to keep those impatient millennials by boosting the speed of sites, and handsomely rewarding those who do.

Beef up your local SEO.

As more and more customers begin using voice search technology to make inquiries, local SEO will become even more important than it is now. To take advantage of this trend, you will need to seriously consider how your customers will use voice search. What phrases will they use? Optimize your content to match those phrases.

Understand Google’s RankBrain.

What is RankBrain? provides this easy explanation:

RankBrain is a form of Artificial Intelligence used by Google to help filter and process a large portion of search queries, so the results displayed are relevant to, and reflective of, the search intent. RankBrain uses machine learning and AI, with the ability to predict meaning, and therefore relevancy, to display the best matching results, even for previously unknown, and new search requests.

Make your SEO more people-focused.

In 2017, social media marketing will play an even more prominent role in ensuring solid search ranking. This means that it is a great time for SEO specialists to focus on building a stronger presence on social media, or taking whatever steps they can to get in front of customers even when they’re not in the buying cycle.

Backlink like a boss.

Once again, for SEO purposes, content is still king but promo is God, or the queen or whatever you want to call it. If you build it, they won’t come. This means for success purposes you need to have either a built-in audience or a built-in promotion plan for anything you produce.

To learn more about what each of these action items entails, be sure to check out their article for more information.


Search engine ranking algorithms are always evolving the changing, but good SEO practices will stand the test of time. Be sure you continue providing useful and highly engaging content to your website visitors, and you are halfway to achieving your SEO goals.



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