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Writing Blog Posts for Difficult Topic Matters

Aug 29, 2018 | SEO

Blog Writing for Difficult Topics

I am currently working with a non-profit organization that helps deliver human trafficking victims out of terrible situations. A topic that was brought up in a recent marketing meeting was how to blog and write articles that are engaging for a reader, on a subject that is, obviously, less than glamorous or upbeat.

A subject like human trafficking can be emotionally draining and a tough to broach. And, this does not only go for the reader but also for the writer of a blog post on this subject.

One suggestion was to write about the success stories of the victims they have helped, which is an excellent idea. It brings about an emotional response of relief to the reader and makes a helpless situation seem hopeful.

And, while this is just one such avenue to take, other types of blog posts can be created to engage readers, whether your subject matter is a difficult one or not.

Keep in mind that a blog post doesn’t always have to be just a story or article. There are a variety of formats that one can use on a blog.

Educational Posts

When dealing with a tough topic, actually talking about it can be the hardest part. Unfortunately, that is tough to avoid when you are trying to educate people on the subject matter. But, mixing these types of posts with other blog post formats, like the ones mentioned below, helps to “lessen the blow” of the subject to your reader.

Reposting News Stories

Reporting on the news in your industry is a great way to get easy content for your blog. And, when you pounce on it early, if it is a hot topic, it gives you a leg up in a search online. People are likely searching terms you would be using at that moment if it is big time news. Of course, don’t just copy things word for word from other sources, create your unique post based on the facts of the story.

Resources and Lists

A blog post could be a list of resources that would be helpful to the reader. A blogger could curate other people’s content and create a list of helpful resources for their readers.


Not all blog posts have to be words. Some of the most successful blog posts contain a small intro and an infographic that shares relevant information with the reader. Readers widely receive infographics. In the case of this organization, they might have an infographic created that lists out some human trafficking statistics.


An excellent way to build up an audience for your business or non-profit is through podcasts. When you have a regular podcast people tune in to hear what comes next. And podcasts can be shared on your blog, along with “show notes” that can be an outline of what’s covered, or even better, a full transcript of the show, which will be helpful to your SEO.


Videos are killing it these days! For many companies, video is the new blogging. The organization I am working with has several videos already, and they also have lecturers that are speaking at locations all over the world. Creating videos of these speaking engagements to be shared on their blog would undoubtedly help with getting readers engaged.


Like videos, a Zoom call that you record, whether it’s with someone who is a volunteer, in the case of non-profits, or with experts on your subject matter, could make for engaging blog content. As a bonus, these interviews can be cross-posted to your YouTube channel for engagement there.

Create a Blog Series

One way of creating impact and keeping people coming back for more is to create a “Series” on your blog that spans across multiple posts. That way people keep coming back for more.

Guest Posts

Getting outside experts to contribute to your blog is an excellent way of getting content without having to create it yourself. Of course, editorial guidelines would need to be set up, and editing would need to be in order on outside posts before they publish.


Keep in mind that many of these ideas are the kinds of things that can be re-purposed for use across all of your social media and online marketing venues. Videos, interviews, and podcasts can do double duty on a YouTube channel, for instance. Infographics are great for Pinterest.

Blogging on a regular basis helps to build up a following, as well as helps you massively with your search engine optimization (SEO). So don’t put it off just because it seems like a “hard subject.” Think outside of the box for ideas that make it less challenging to deal with a tough subject.


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