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Why Your Website Is Your Best and Most Cost Effective Salesperson

Mar 19, 2015 | Web Design, Web Hosting


Some balk at the prices they get from website designers and developers to build their website, but they don’t take into consideration what a bargain they are really getting. Especially when you consider your website is probably the best salesperson you will ever invest in.

You need to take into consideration not just the cost of the website, but the value that it provides for your company. Let’s break it down a bit, shall we.

A website that costs $2500, $5000, $10,000, or even $25,000 to build, is a bargain when you take into account that it is out there working for you around the clock.

Let’s say you hire a new salesperson for your company named John.

  • John works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never takes a day off. He doesn’t stop to eat a meals and he only cares about promoting your business and telling your customers about it.
  • John talks to hundreds of people a day, every day. And, he can even talk to them all at once without missing a beat!
  • John travels all over the world and it doesn’t cost you a dime in plane fares or expenses.
  • John learns very quickly. You tell him something once and he’s got it.
  • And, the best part – John is really cheap to employ, when you break it down.

Let’s say you hire him and only pay him $25,000 (just one time). The longer he works for you the cheaper he gets.

If, after three years, you decide to put old John out to pasture and retire him and upgrade him to a newer, fresher salesperson, John only ended up costing you a total of $8333 per year.

And, if you only paid John $5000 when you first hired him, he cost you just $1666 per year for those three years.

What is you paid him $2500 when you brought him on? Well then, John only ended up costing you a measly $833 a year, over the course of three years, and he did so much work getting your company’s message out to so many people. All at less then 10¢ an hour!

You certainly couldn’t have found a most cost effective salesperson, could you?

Sounds to me like John was really quite a bargain in the end. The cheapest “salesperson” you will ever have is your company’s website, no matter what the cost.

When determining your budget for a website, remember to not just look at the price tag, but take into account the ultimate value your site provides to your business in terms of visibility, orders, leads, etc.


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