It’s that time again, and I am bringing you the latest issue of the SEO Newsletter.  I know it’s hard to run a business, deal with employees, clients and customers, AND stay on top of the latest in SEO marketing and search engine changes.

So, I try to bring you a newsletter of curated SEO industry information every couple of months. Hopefully this helps to keep you updated on the latest SEO news, so you can keep your website going strong and being found in the search engines.

Here are highlights in the latest edition:

SEO May NewsletterLatest Happenings in the World of Local Search for the Month of May 2016

  • Brief information on search engine updates for May
  • Updates on Google Local Search

Google Makes 2 Critical Ad Updates Affecting Local Search Marketers

  • Ads to now appear in Local Finder results
  • Google Maps no longer a search partner
  • What these changes may mean to you

Expert Local Citation Survey 2016

  • Latest and most intensive survey conducted on Local Citations
  • Importance of Local Citations
  • How they affect local performance
  • Your final takeaway

How to Unwind Google’s Impending Manual Action If You Are Found Guilty of Using Unnatural Links

  • Why is this update critical
  • What business can do
  • How we can help you

Facebook To Update It’s Newsfeed Algorithm Again

  • What is this change
  • Will it affect your business
  • What would be the challenge to marketers



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