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7 Tips to Build a Killer Email List

Mar 31, 2017 | Digital Marketing

Anyone who has worked with me for any length of time will know how important I think email lists are for their businesses. In 2016, consumers received and/or sent on average 98.9 emails per day! That figure is expected to rise to 117.7 by the year 2019. Whew, that’s a lot of email.

For those that work exclusively on their computers that number may seem low. And, for those that are not quite as entwined on their computers all day that number may seem high. But, for many, it’s not the number of emails they get that sticks out, but more about where they are coming from.

Lots of people are happy to get emails from their favorite brands if they have something important to say or a good offer to present.

In 2016, consumers received and/or sent on average 98.9 emails per day. That figure is expected to rise to 117.7 by the year 2019.

Why Build an Email List?

For businesses, email is an important part of communications with their clients and/or customers. Building a good email list should be one of your top priorities. I often say the “list” is the most important asset of a company’s marketing.

Remember, it’s much easier to gain repeat business, rather than try to onboard new business, much of the time. So personally communicating with those that have done business with you, or expressed a desire to do business with you in the future, is important.

10% of customers choose to receive company updates from Facebook, while 90% choose to receive email newsletters from their favorite brands.

How to Build Your List

Campaigner, a leader in email marketing, recently released the following infographic on 7 Tips to Building a Killer Email Marketing List and I think it’s worth a read so am sharing it with you. Their main take-away points are:

1.) Build an online profile.

Look for opportunities to increase your presence online. This can be by becoming a blog contributor elsewhere, syndicating your own content for publishing across multiple places, being a guest on a podcast or video series, among other ways. Bolstering your online profile can help drive target traffic to your website.

2.) Promote your email campaigns on social media.

Build a form for your email marketing that can be posted on your social media channels. Understand that with Facebook you may not be as visible in people’s feeds as you would like to be, without paying for placement, so make sure those Facebook users are on your “main list” as well, so they don’t miss updates and sales from you.

3.) Set expectations and transparency with your subscribers.

Be sure to tell your subscribers what they will be getting and how often at the forefront. Not setting expectations correctly ahead of time can lead to high unsubscribes in the future.

4.) Leverage YouTube.

YouTube has become on of my new personal favorite marketing channels. Add calls-to-action and URLs in your YouTube videos to encourage people to subscribe to your list.

5.) Create opt-in incentives.

Incentives go a long way to growing your list. Use freebies such as eBooks, webinars, worksheets, printables, training and tutorials to encourage signups.

6.) Include a sign-up box on your checkout pages.

If you sell online, take advantage of how excited people are when they purchase something new and shiny from you and use it as a chance to get a new subscriber.

7.) Include forms on high traffic web pages on your site.

Use your Google Analytics to find the pages that have the most traffic and display your sign-up forms prominently on them.

Research has shown that freebies such as eBooks skyrocket email sign-ups by more than 200%.

Check out their graphic below for more info:


What are you doing about your email list? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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