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5 Websites That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Built On WordPress

Jul 14, 2015 | Web Design, WordPress


A lot of times when I mention building a website on WordPress people look at me funny because they automatically assume I am talking about a blog. But, WordPress is not just a blogging platform. It is a full blown Content Management System (CMS), which makes it perfect for developing a website with a lot of content, or content that will change frequently, on. Actually, more than 60% of websites on the internet are built around a CMS solution.

While I don’t recommend WordPress 100% of the time – I really have to take into account the client and what type of site they are looking for and how it will be used, it is a viable solution for a stand alone website for some of my clients.

Many companies that are household names have chosen to build their presence on a WordPress backbone, keeping their visitors up-to-date on their business, trends and current events.

Here are some websites I bet you never thought were actually WordPress sites.

1. Time, Inc.

Time Magazine is well known for their journalism and print magazine, however they also manage Time, Inc., a blog powered by WordPress. When visiting their site the user is presented with a row of thumbnail photos, which also serve as category pages for the website. They also utilize large video clips on the front page to draw the visitor in to what they have to offer.


2. Reuters

Well-known as a news service, Reuters also offers opinion pieces via it’s series of blogs powered by WordPress. A top row of navigation links offers up categories of interest for readers. Their pages are easy to read and enable visitors to quickly navigate to their subject or columnist of choice. Visitors are also offered the ability to get into the story by posting their own comments on articles.


3. Forbes

Forbes is a well recognized financial and business-related news site that has a unique twist on how they present their information. They have come up with a subtle way to monetize their site. When people click on links from outside sources to a Forbes article, they aren’t immediately taken to the story, but rather to a page that presents a small advertisement. The user can choose to either go to the ad (thus monetize it for Forbes), skip it, or wait a few seconds to be taken to the actual article. And, even though they are presenting advertising, they do it in a way that is not too intrusive and is still clearly branded as Forbes.


4. Sony Music

Sony Music operates a WordPress blog that helps their fans stay informed of what’s going on with their favorite recording artists. The simple blog highlights recent industry news and associated labels. A scrolling slider at the top highlights various artists and has links that take you to their websites or sites with more information about them.


5. Vogue

The women’s fashion magazine Vogue has a WordPress site that it uses to manage it’s content. It has vibrant and large images with very little text, utilizing white space effectively. They do an excellent job following the brand of their print magazine with it’s professional and sleek look. Classy, but modern, they don’t overwhelm their visitors with tons of sidebars and categories.


So, as you can see, WordPress isn’t just for “blogging” anymore! 🙂


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