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Why Is My Website Suddenly Losing Search Rankings?

Jan 20, 2016 | News, SEO

Have you noticed a change in your search engine placements (SERPs) over the past few weeks? Perhaps your website has slipped in search, or risen in search, rather unexpectedly. Many websites are reporting such a change and getting concerned that Google is dropping another update similar to the one it did with Penguin in 2012 and are panicking.

Google launched Penguin in April of 2012 to catch websites that they felt were spamming its search results by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed to boost Google rankings, which is a big no-no in their book. When this update happened many sites fell dramatically in search results and had to make some major changes to regain rankings again.


But, this past few week’s changes, which are causing fluctuations in the research results, appear to only be Google making some core algorithm updates, which is does about 500 to 600 times a year.

Gary Illyes, from Google, confirmed this week that it was a core algorithm update and not something bigger, like more Penguin updates, that are causing these fluctuations.

According to Website Magazine, many SEOs remain concerned that a Penguin update is ultimately coming through and they expect it sooner, rather than later. Such an update would again focus on links and citations in SEO.

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