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Built-In WordPress Security With WordFence

All of our website builds, and most of our maintenance packages, include the standard version of WordFence security plug-in in the quoted price.*

WordFence is the leading cyber security solution for WordPress. It offers a complete anti-virus and firewall package for your WordPress website and has been downloaded by happy users over 22 million times to date.

Standard (Free) Version

The standard free version that we install offers a lot of security features and protection already built-in. This is why it is one of the very first items we install on all of the websites we design and develop!

If you are on one of our Maintenance Plans, we stay on top of WordFence alerts for you and correct any issues that arise. If you are not on a plan, WordFence can be configured to email you when a potential problem arises, so you can go in and research it more thoroughly.**

Premium Version

While we offer the standard version for free, you can upgrade to the premium version for $8.25 per month (one-year prepaid). We do not mark this up – it’s the same price as what WordFence charges, we just handle the technical stuff for you.

This premium version includes enterprise WordPress security features like two-factor authentication and country blocking. We highly recommend you consider this, for all of the wonderful features it offers for the low price!

WordFence Features

Security Feature
Standard Version
Premium Version
Scan Core, Theme & Plugin Files
Scan Content for Bad URLs
Scan for Known Malware
Scan for Hundreds of Backdoors
Scan for DNS Changes
Real-time Traffic Shows Hackers
View Crawlers in Real-Time
View Top Content Leeches
Get Detailed IP Info
Monitor Disk Space
Enforce Strong Passwords
Track IP Addresses
Rate Limit Rogue Crawlers
Block IPs
Manage Blocked IPs
Advanced Network Blocking
Block Fake Google Bots
Block Brute Force Attacks
Repair Files
Remote Scans
Frequent Scans
Scheduled Scans
Check if Site is Spamvertized
Check if Site IP is Generating Spam
Cell Phone Sign In
Premium Support from WordFence
Advanced Comment Spam Filter
Audit Existing Passwords
Country Blocking
$0 per year
$99 per year

You can learn more about WordFence by clicking here.

WordFence Realtime Attacks
* In a handful of cases we have found some clients’ hosting companies are incompatible with WordFence, which is a shame. In those cases, we have substituted a similar security plug-in.
** Please note, we are not responsible if something you do while working in WordFence causes your site to go down. While rare, if you aren’t careful you could cause something to “break,” which would require us to fix the problem at an additional charge. This is one of the reasons we suggest a Maintenance Package since we take care of all of these details for you.

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