Hello, my new Twitter follower.

profile-pic-smile-circleI just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you. My name is Nora, obviously, and I am a graphic designer, website developer and WordPress specialist. I am also skilled at SEO, email marketing, and inbound content marketing.

I work with businesses and non-profits to define their brand and build websites and marketing collateral that performs well for them.

In case you were wondering about my Twitter handle, @photonora, my hobby (and sometimes part-time income) is photography, which I love to do to unwind. I have a website for my photography work as well. And, no, I don’t just take pictures of dogs. 😉 Keep reading and you will see why these dog pictures are here.


What I Tweet.

My tweets will generally be about website design, working in WordPress, search engine marketing (SEO), inbound and content marketing, how to grow your online business, and similar topics, mostly because I live and breathe this stuff. 😉

But, it won’t always be boring work stuff. I also talk about and share plenty of pictures of my fabulous dogs — two Siberian huskies, my boys Trevor and Kashmir, and a mixed breed pampered princess, Harley Quinn (yes, I am a Batman fan), who is just a tad too big to be a lapdog, but doesn’t really care. The pictures above are of my lovelies, so you will know them when you see them show up in my Twitter feed.

Oh, and sometimes I tweet my photography work, foods I like to cook and eat, and a few inspirational quotes scattered throughout for fun.

Yeah, I like to mix it up!

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Also, I know that people use other social networks, besides Twitter, so if you want to follow me on any others, use the buttons below and let’s connect on those as well. 🙂


And now for some FREEBIES, if you have a business and do any kind of online advertising or marketing, or are just interested in learning more about this stuff.

I love to educate about inbound and online marketing and all things internet.

Whether you have a website currently or not, you might like to learn more about the areas of online marketing and SEO.

I love to teach and offer a weekly newsletter of current blog updates, so you can stay up to speed on internet industry news and learn about SEO, website design, inbound and content marketing, etc. You can see some of my recent articles under “recent posts” to the right.

If you think my articles would be of value to you and your business, go ahead and sign-up. You can always unsubscribe at any time and I never share your info with third parties.

Get a complimentary web page audit.

If you currently have a website, take advantage of my complimentary SEO web page audit.

Now understand, this free offer is just a report on one web page, because these audits are time consuming and detailed, and I usually charge for them. So, make the page you pick to get audited an important one to you! Most people choose to do their homepage.

Even though it is a web page audit, and not a full site audit, which usually starts at $495, you do get back a pretty comprehensive report (20 plus pages) and it includes some hints on how you can better optimize your web page for search engines (SEO). So, it can be a valuable tool.

I don’t know how long I will be doing this for free, as I normally charge for this service, but I wanted to throw it out there for you.

 Here’s what you get:
  • Your web page is scanned for dozens of  SEO ranking factors.
  • I analyze your page and come up with priorities that need to be solved, as well as offer suggestions and tasks to complete to improve your SEO ranking for the page.
  • I create a detailed, multi-page PDF audit report with scores for SEO, content, design, performance and accessibility which is emailed to you.
  • You receive a downloadable PDF SEO report to keep and work from to improve your site.

To get started, just fill out the short form below. Be sure to use a valid email address, as that is the address I will send your report to.

Please allow me 2-3 business days to get your report back to you. They do take a bit of time for me to compile and I do them on a first come first serve basis. 🙂

Remember, this is totally free and no obligation for a limited time.

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