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The Perfect Leader Book Cover

book cover designerWorking in conjunction with our partners at JJ Social Light, a digital marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, we designed the cover for a book that was published on business leadership.

The design process started with sketching out concepts for various book cover ideas.

The goal was to signify leadership in business and how you can rise above the rest. The book has a Christian aspect to it, however, the author did not want it to be blatantly religious in tone.

We played with the idea of helping hands, to signify servant leadership, fish, although we purposely stayed away from the Christian fish symbol, and balloons, to signify “rising” above the crowd in leadership skills.

The brainstorming and sketches led to the first round set of covers below.

book cover design

From these preliminary designs, the client decided they wanted to merge a couple of aspects from different concepts they were presented with, as well as change the color palette. The also wanted to introduce a “cross” to the cover, but requested it be done in a subtle way.

book cover designer in florida

Ultimately the client decided that they wanted to feature the “cross” a bit more prominently, by making it a part of the type and more noticeable. We felt it was important that the introduction of a cross to a typeface was done carefully, so it would blend as seamlessly as possible with the font itself, so several mockups were created to show them, with some slight type revisions.

book cover design in tampa

And the final choice by the client was finally arrived at, as shown below.

book cover design in brooksville, FL


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