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Facebook Display Advertising Grows, While Google Slips

Jul 21, 2015 | Online Marketing

Have you been struggling with where to put your website’s display advertising dollars? According to a recent Digital Marketing Report by IgnitionOne, more advertisers are turning to Facebook for their paid display advertising, instead of Google.

Their report shows that Facebook’s share of ad spend rose to 16 percent on their platform, while Google’s display share fell to 31 percent. While Google remains the winner, and there is still a gap, the report showed that Facebook is closing that gap quickly.

Both platforms have a huge reach to potential customers and clients. The Google Display Network (GDN) has a larger reach across the globe, but Facebook has more pageviews, making it easier to hit the same people over and over again with ads. And, often it takes several views before you stick in someone’s head.


So, where should you put your advertising dollars? In my opinion, for now, keep them diversified among both networks for the best ROI.

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