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Client Onboarding: Website Information

This secure form is to enter your credentials for your current website. It’s generally not a good idea to send this information via email for security reasons.

CMS Login Information

If your website is currently on Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, or some other platform that requires a login, please provide the ADMINISTRATIVE login credentials. You can either provide your own administrative credentials, or you can setup us up as a new ADMIN user on your site and we will use that as a login. Please keep in mind, this must be ADMINISTRATIVE access in order to properly access all of the areas of your current site that we will need to.

Website Hosting Information

Please provide your current web hosting login credentials so we can access your cPanel or other administrative backend, as well as to set up FTP access, if needed.

Domain Name Registration Information

This is the account for your domain name registrar account. Please note, some clients will have their domain registration tied to their web hosting account, therefore they do not need to provide this again. Others may have registered their domain at a different company, in which case we will need this if you are moving your website hosting.

Other Information

If we are going to be doing any integrations that will require me to log in to get developer access to a website in order to create a feed or API, please provide the login information below.

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