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Why Backups Are An Important Part of Your Website Security Process

Jun 8, 2017 | Security, Web Hosting, WordPress


Do you have backups of your website? Do you have a provider that keeps regular backups? Incidentally, this is not something I would leave to just your host’s discretion to do. I have heard countless stories from people who assumed their website host had backups of their sites, and if they did, they were months, or even years old, or they weren’t even available at all.

When it comes to security, one of the best things that can help you recover quickly from a site compromise is regular and accessible backups.

While you will still need to close the security hole the hacker used to gain access to your website in the first place, after you have restored from a previous backup of this site, it is far quicker and easier to do that then have to build the site over from scratch. And, it is far cheaper to do that then to pay an expert to clean the site for you.

And, even if you have the best security you can in place on your site (we recommend our Monthly Maintenace Program for this), in many cases your site could be compromised due to issue with your hosting company, that might prompt you to move your site elsewhere. Having a good backup and the right systems in place for this can make that transition much easier.

Being “hacked,” no matter how it happened, can have some adverse impact on your site’s SERP (search engine rankings). Recovering from this can be a slow process and your business could suffer in the interim. The average cost to a company of a hacked website or compromise is $2,518. So being able to take care of it quickly is paramount in order to minimize these costs.

Take a look at this in-depth article from WordFence on how you can implement a security-focused WordPress backup strategy today.


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