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Your Insurance Website Needs to Check These Boxes in Order to Land Clients

May 18, 2021 | Web Design

Selling insurance can be difficult work. People often hear horror stories of corrupt insurance companies and debt-ridden customers. However, your ability to convince them insurance is a great thing comes in large part because of your website. An insurance website helps the customer understand what they are buying and can make them feel more comfortable with the process.

It Must Be Informative

If someone is coming to your website, it likely isn’t to be entertained. People want to understand what you offer as an incoming insurance company. Before you publish your website, you should have several articles ready to inform any user that passes by.

Articles are a great way to convey this information, but using video and pictures to tell your story is possibly more effective. Insurance is a difficult topic to write about, but in a video, you can delve into complex topics more effectively. Since many viewers are visual learners, you can assure them of your product and more easily confirm sales.

It Must Be User Friendly

Again, insurance can be a complicated business. If an insurance rookie finds your home page, are they going to know how to navigate to your informative articles? While they probably could work through it by trial and error, this can leave customers frustrated and jaded—not exactly great times to pursue a sale.

There are lots of helpful user experience design blogs you can use to learn more about how to make improvements to your website. Many of them will instruct you to keep your design and language simple. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, and at least have a search bar.

It Must Have Features

Your website may already look stunning. It now has informational articles and has become easier to navigate. Now for the final touch: features. Adding unique and helpful features to your website is like adding a cherry to the top of your sundae.

Add features that enable you to interact with customers effectively. They should be able to schedule meetings through a digital system. A digital store for some of your products is also a great idea. Without features like these, the customer can only access your business address and phone number—making it harder to solidify actual sales with customers.

Your insurance website can become so much better and suit your customers’ needs more effectively if you embrace these ideas. Prioritize the customer above all else, and you will likely be swimming in profit.

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