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Why You Should Implement Traditional Strategies into Your Marketing Plan

Jun 15, 2021 | Business, Online Marketing

Your business has worked hard to create an established digital marketing plan. However, it can be surprising to realize there are some traditional strategies that might have been overlooked. In fact, sometimes traditional methods of advertising are the better option for your company. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t count traditional marketing strategies out when creating your marketing plan. 

Higher ROI

You have a limited amount of marketing dollars, and being able to create the most Return on Investment is crucial for your future, and your budget. Using traditional methods, such as email and even posted fliers can be surprisingly effective. Having things which are both reaching large potential customer bases and also costing you very little can make a big difference in your capability to find new customers. This is exactly what you want to happen, because you want each invested marketing dollar to return as much client and customer appeal to your company as possible.

Increase Exposure

Your goal in advertising is to reach as many people who might be interested in using your specific services as possible. This doesn’t mean flooding the airwaves or landfills with your marketing! Just like with social media work, you want to reach many eyes in many areas of your networking range. This can include using billboards in traffic areas, and marketing using advertisement wrapped vehicles. Vehicle wraps help promote your business wherever you go. Wraps are inexpensive, with cars being only a couple of hundred dollars to wrap, and wraps only have to be changed/renewed every few years.

If you are going to use billboards, be sure to check out our article with 7 tips for more effective billboards.

Human Touch

Not surprisingly, after a pandemic many people are craving specific human touches which make them feel important. And, as both your customers and local friends, they are. Making phone calls to reconnect with local clients, using emails, guest-posting on the blogs of networking friends, and even handwritten thank you notes after service can all be individual touches which provoke loyalty in current customers, and make loyal customers of potential ones. Remember, getting word of mouth from customers is the best ROI marketing investment you can make, and that increases when your customers feel cherished.

Your beautiful business is worth the marketing dollars you put into it, as well as your time and talent. But, if your dollars can each work harder for you, this is even better! By doing the research into what your preferred demographic uses, how they like to be contacted, and especially by choosing politeness, you can go far!

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