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What You Need to Know About SEO to Grow Your Business Online

Jun 26, 2019 | Business, Digital Marketing, SEO

By now, most businesses are aware of the importance of SEO. SEO is mandatory for the popularizing of companies for now and the future. And even though social media is gaining more clout among consumers, SEO still reigns supreme. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to use SEO effectively to grow your brand online.

SEO is Always Changing

SEO always evolves according to users’ behaviors. These changes occur on a yearly basis in some ways. In previous years, there were reports of SEO focusing on the percentage of keywords and keyword phrases used. There were reports in other years about Google penalizing sites for using “black hat” tactics. “Black hat” tactics involve using things like paying to use private link networks, keyword stuffing, and cloaking. These are simply a few examples showing how SEO changes yearly. For 2019, the SEO trends are the following:

  • User Intent
    • Determining the results your prospects expecting to see when typing in a keyword.
  • Optimizing for Voice Search
    • Being the year of voice search, you must concentrate on questions and try to correctly answer them.
  • Searching Beyond Google
    • More users nowadays are browsing on Facebook, Amazon, and apps. So, companies must optimize for other platforms besides Google.
  • The Brand is a Ranking Factor
    • Brand reputation, brand mentions, context, and sentiments will matter much more in 2019.
  • Mobile Indexing First
    • With there being vastly more mobile devices searching online, companies are striving for higher rankings on mobile index first.
  • Targeting Featured Snippets
    • Knowledge graphs, answer boxes, rich-snippets, and carousels will be a huge source of organic traffic this year.
  • Creating Quality Content Using LSI Keywords
    • Adding more value and depth to your content by including LSI Keywords smartly throughout your content.
  • Technical SEO Is a Primary Focus
    • Making it easier for search engines to crawl your site by optimizing the JavaScript code, and the URL structures and utilizing data markups.
  • Page Speed Counts
    • The quicker your site loads, the higher your search engines’ rankings and the better the user experience.

The Benefits of SEO

There are many beneficial aspects of SEO. Statistics clearly show that SEO has far reaching impact. Your business market reach will increase, the bolstering of your brand occurs, and SEO is complementary to other marketing strategies. SEO is also an amazing way to obtain easy and quick feedback, is cost-effective, and highly targets visitors. There are lots of tools out there if you want to learn how to do it yourself. You also must realize that your competitors use it, so it should motivate you to take full advantage of it.

Social Media SEO

This type of SEO is how activities surrounding social media can increase your site’s organic traffic through search engines. Though social media posts are not seen as a ranking signal by Google, SEO is indirectly ranked through social media activities. Sharing links on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter can assist in obtaining more exposure for your brand. Frequent social media activities contribute to more traffic visiting your site which contributes to strong social signaling in Google. To build authority, you must focus on the site’s domain or page to possess high value to gain authority. Doing so will significantly help your site to rank higher than sites with less authority.

Local vs. General SEO

Whether local or in general, SEO is a highly valuable skill. Knowledge is power, so it’s prudent for you to know about local and general (organic) SEO. Organic searches occur when local intent is not a factor. Thus, organic SEO has more to do with whether the site is important for certain searches and less to do with the location. Traditional brick and mortar companies with a physical location in a specific area will want to aim for a higher ranking in a local search. Online reviews matter more to brick and mortar businesses as local SEO is heavily influenced by it, though that doesn’t mean businesses should ignore it. These businesses with more than one physical location in various locations throughout the nation should optimize for local and organic SEO.

Understand How the Algorithm Works

Having human involvement is more valuable to search engines than the technical side of it. Using unethical SEO practices or mostly “black hat” are technical, and thus, these tools won’t yield long-term results due to the user not being part of the equation.

Many businesses don’t realize it, but increasing the number of characters in the meta description is also very helpful. There is an update in Google algorithms where the meta descriptions should be approximately 160 characters.

Sometimes You Need An Expert’s Help

If you still have problems with SEO, you should consult an SEO expert. There are some that are highly trained and have proven results. They can help you with things like using target keywords in title tags, answering questions in meta descriptions, and more.

Knowing these steps above will take you a long way in growing your business online. Not only this, but it’s important to keep updated on all the latest Google algorithm updates and latest SEO trends. Nevertheless, there is help available, if needed.

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