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Tools That Marketers Need To Be Considering In 2018

Aug 29, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Global markets have given businesses unlimited opportunities to sell their goods. However, low barriers to entry and a plethora of new ventures has created an intensely competitive atmosphere. For this reason alone, success in business is anything but guaranteed.

Rather than becoming discouraged, business owners and managers should look for ways to improve their operation. In particular, they should equip their marketers with the tools they need to attract new leads which subsequently can become prospects and customers.

File Sharing

Marketers need to collaborate with a lot of people, including copywriters, web developers, sales professionals, and other stakeholders. Rather than shuffling documents around the company via email, they can use cloud-based file sharing services to enable real-time collaboration.

When people can work together to develop documents, they can brainstorm solutions, and share their feedback. Additionally, since they have only one version of their files, they eliminate the wasted time and confusion that develops when they try to merge edits from multiple copies.


Companies generate more data now than ever before. Hidden inside these mountains of information lies valuable trends and insights that can help businesses attract and serve a growing customer base. However, extracting actionable intelligence from numerous data streams has become increasingly difficult.

Marketers need to have analytics tools at their fingerprints to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. In particular, data visualization and its variety of forms are now essential to making sense out of what is now collectively described as “Big Data.”


Customer relationship management (CRM) tools provide marketers with a centralized platform that coordinates the collection and processing of leads. In addition to ensuring that no information falls between organizational cracks, CRM software can score the quality of every lead and prioritize the efforts of marketing and sales teams.

In addition to managing contacts, CRM stores business communications in a searchable format that the entire organization can use. This facilitates customer service and technical support strategies and creates a foundation for successful remarking campaigns.

Email Tools

Despite the emergence of new platforms such as social media, marketers still depend on email marketing for much of their success. In many settings, investments in email marketing tools have higher returns than other marketing channels, including social networks.

In the end, marketers in the modern business environment need to consider the above tools to achieve their goals for the year. After equipping your team with these, look for other tools that can further extend the potential of your company.


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