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Spring Is the Perfect Time to Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Online Marketing

Spring is often associated with growth and new opportunities. This makes it a great time to acquire new customers, retain old ones, and come up with new marketing strategies. Businesses can also revamp their existing ideas to make them more appealing to their target markets. After many cold months, encourage your customers to pay attention to your products and services by taking advantage of the conducive weather in your marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Your online campaigns need to match the vibrant and beautiful colors of spring. Come up with themes that portray a sense of revitalization and renewal to attract customers to your website. Facebook marketing is useful at this time, especially during the holidays. Use your Facebook timeline to run fun contests where your audience can participate in; for example, you can ask them to upload images of the gardens. It is also an excellent time to modify the outlook of your website, and maybe add new features.

Take advantage of what social media and email marketing have to offer as well. Use beautiful palettes in your social media posts and campaigns run via email. It could be photos of beautiful flowers or cute animals like puppies and kittens.

Physical Marketing

Physical marketing thrives during spring; people are energetic, and after the cold season, they are eager to get out of the house more. Leverage this time to connect with your customers in the warmer temperatures. Partner with other businesses to organize and host community events like clean-ups during Earth day on April 22. You can display your spring offers on a vestibule. You can set up vestibules pretty easily, and there are a few storage options to keep it out of the way when not in use. Therefore, it will not interrupt the smooth running of activities.

Spring Holidays

Many holidays take part during spring. These include mother’s day, Memorial Day, armed forces day, and National Tax Day. Besides the popular holidays, you can also direct the limelight to less popular holidays like the National Tequila Day. National tax day is a great day to encourage customers to spend their tax refunds on your products and services. You can achieve this by providing incentives like forgoing taxes on specific items or giving discounts to customers who have filed their returns.

There is so much you can do to promote your business during the vibrant time of the year, so make sure you maximize everything it offers. By tailoring your strategy to the current situation, you will find that you achieve better results than ever!

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