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You know you need a social media presence to help grow your business, but life gets in the way and sometimes it’s to hard to stay on top of it all.

Our Social Media Management Packages provide a tailored Social Media strategy which includes creation and boosting of compelling social media posts — done for you. This is ideal for all types of businesses wanting to establish and maintain their social media presence.

We understand how hard it can be to keep your social media current when you are trying to do a thousand other things that come with running a business! Let us help take that load off.

Content FAQs

What is a content review?

A content review gives you the option of reviewing what will be posted in the following week, before it is posted. However, understand that if you opt for this content review, it is up to you to get back to us in a timely fashion with approval to post. If you do not get back to us, it can delay your daily postings.

With all packages you may email your Social Media Marketing Manager at any time with content direction and/or constructive feedback. Phone communication is reserved for our Enterprise packages only, which get twice monthly strategy phone calls.

What type of things are posted?

We post a variety of the following types of posts: Promotional Posts, Informative Posts, Engaging Posts.

Promotional posts are promoting the product or service you offer, testimonials, sales, special events, etc. Obviously you will need to inform us of special events or sales you would like us to post about. Please be sure to give us plenty of advanced notice to work them into the rotation.

Informative posts are industry related articles, fun facts, pro tips, product specific details, etc.

Engaging posts are designed as questions or polls aimed to provoke participation from your followers.

Where does the content posted come from?

We often will use our client’s website as a great source for information. And, if you don’t have a website, give us a call, we can help build one for you! We will also do our due diligence to discover more great content that your followers may find interesting or useful. You are also free to offer suggestion and feedback on the direction you would like your posts to go. You can send us imagery to use or we can source royalty free imagery to use with your posts. The pricing above does not include custom graphics designed for your daily posts, however if that is something you are interested in we can do so for an additional charge.

Instagram FAQs

What is the Instagram Growth Engine?

The Instagram Growth Engine is an AI supported method of helping grow your Instagram followers online. It utilizes a follow-for-follow method of growth by targeting hashtags, look-aline profiles, and competitors. Your Instagram account will begin to follow other accounts that it deems relevant and may be interested in your services or product, with the idea that they will like what they see on your page and follow you back! We have seen an average growth of 200-1,000 followers per month, but results will vary. This package, when sold as a stand-alone product, costs $99/month and is included in all of our social media packages as a bonus.

What is the Instagram Engagement Engine?

Offered as part of our Enterprise Package, for clients that are not going to be doing Facebook or Instagram advertising, or available as a stand-alone product for $399 per month, the Instagram Engagement Engine works by promoting new posts on the explore page. We have seen new posts get two to five times more engagement on Instagram then what you are currently achieving with the Instagram Engagement Engine. When purchased as a stand-alone product this also includes the Instagram Growth Engine (a $99 value).

Advertising FAQs

What do you mean by “ad spend”?

Our Enterprise Package includes the option of doing either Facebook and Instagram advertising — OR — our Instagram Engagement Engine. Advertising requires an additional ad spend budget for promoting your posts to reach more people. We recommend a budget from $150 to $500/month for best results, on top of the social media package pricing.

Other FAQs

Do you have other packages or add-ons?

Yes, we do have additional packages and add-ons available. Contact us if you feel our three most popular packages above don’t suit your needs and we can talk.

Can you create custom graphics for my posts or watermark my pictures?

Yes, we can, however, this type of service will require additional fees. Contact us for more information if you need more customized work done.

Can you create custom social media headers and icons for our accounts?

Yes, we can, however, this type of service will require additional fees. Contact us for more information if you need more customized work done.

How long does it take to get started?

Our onboarding time is usually 2 to 4 business days, after which we are ready to begin immediate work on your social media accounts!

How do I get started?

Simply click on the “sign me up” button to send us a message and let us know which package you are interested in. A member of our staff will get back to you with a link for payment and an onboarding questionnaire so we can learn a bit about your business.

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