Social Media Management Packages

Social Media management starting at only $399!

We offer a wide range of high-quality content posting and ad management services across a variety of the top social media networks so you don’t have to think about it.

We get that business owner are busy. They where a lot of hats and have little free time in their day already. That makes keeping up with social media a chore that tends to get put on the backburner. But, social media is a very important part of an overall online marketing strategy that can’t be so easily ignored.

Facebook and Instagram, and other social media outlets are the new “word of mouth” in this day and age. People look at these things before doing business with a company to get an understanding of what they offer and how they deal with their clientele. So, keeping your content on them fresh and relevant to your target market is important.

We can help take up the slack in this area by posting fresh content, prepared for your business daily, so you don’t have to think about it!

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We are here to handle your social media so that you can spend more time handling your business.

Social Media Posting

We take care of finding relevant things to post to your social media account, and getting it posted there for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our postings are a variety of types including promotional posts, informative posts, and posts meant to engage your audience.

Please note, many of these postings may be “cross-postings,” which means we may post the same or similar posts across different social media outlets on a given day.

There is no contract or minimum monthly requirement for our Social Media Package, however, we do ask that you give us 30 days notice if you wish to discontinue our services so that we have enough time to cancel your automated billing before your next billing cycle.

All monthly fees are paid in advance must be billed to a valid credit card on an auto-recurring basis. It is the client’s responsibility to keep an updated credit card on file for billing.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Credit Cards

Please read the FAQs below to understand what is and is not included.

Optional Package Feature Add-Ons

Additional Social Media services and items can be added on to any of the plans above. Additional custom graphic design services are also available if more custom graphics are needed at a rate of $99/hour.

Pinterest Marketing (20 pins/month) $199/month
LinkedIn Pro I which includes:
• (1) one custom article/month
• (1) one commentary article/month
LinkedIn Pro II which includes:
• (2) two custom articles/month
• (2) two commentary articles/month
Custom Social Media Cover + Icon Setup $250/account
Implement your company watermark logo on top of an image for posting on (2) two posts a week $99/month
Implement your company watermark logo on top of an image for posting on (5) five posts a week $199/month

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?

General onboarding time is about 3-5 business days. This will include a short client questionnaire that we will have you fill out to get a feel for your company. You will also have to setup access for us on your accounts, however we will send detailed instructions for doing so. After that we are ready to get posting!

Will I still be able to post to my own social media accounts?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We are here to suppliment your efforts and take the load off, so you don’t feel the pressure of having to stay on top of it every day. 

What does "Content Review" mean?

An option for reviewing your content prior to posting is available on all packages, with the exception of our Starter Social. Content review allows you to see in advance what we will be posting for the week. This may involve contacting you on Sunday to approve the next week’s posts.

If you opt for content reviews, and you don’t get back to us with approval before Monday morning, it will delay the launch of your campaigns for the week. So, a timely response is going to be important on your part.

You can also opt to not do the content review ahead of time, to keep your posts flowing. If at any time you don’t like the direction your postings are going, you can email us with content direction and/or constructive feedback, to get us moving in a direction you would prefer.

Please note, all contact with your Social Media Marketing Manager will be via email, unless you are on the Enterprise Social package, which includes two strategy phone calls a month in the price.

Will I be able to speak with my Social Media Marketing Manager via phone?

In order to streamline communications and maximize productivity, all contact with your Social Media Marketing Manager will be via email only. The only exception is with our Enterprise Social clients, who will have two monthly strategy phone calls.

What is Facebook Ads Light and what does "ad spend" mean?

With a plan that includes Facebook Ads Light we will also manage paid Facebook campaigns on posts for you. You will need to factor in the cost of the actual ad spend, which is paid directly to Facebook, on top of our fees.

We recommend an ad spend budget of between $150 to $500 a month for maximum impact and exposure.

With the Facebook Ads Light option you will have your choice of one of two types of campaigns:

  • “Likes” campaigns desined to get your Facebook page more followers and likes.
  • “Promotional” campains which promote a particular post such as a special event, sale, or call to action.
Where do you get your content for the postings?

We love to use the client’s website as a great resource for information. If you don’t have a website — we can build one for you!

You are also free to send any imagery or content you would like to use in our postings to your Social Media Manager.

We also do our due diligence to try to discover more great content that your audience may enjoy!

What type of things will you be posting to my accounts?

We generally focus on three types of social media posts — promotional posts, informative posts, and engaging posts.

Promotional posts involve promiting the product or service that you offer, showcasing testimonials from your clients or customers, sales, special events, etc.

Informative posts are industry related articles, fun facts, pro tips, product specific details, etc.

Engaging posts are questions or polls designed to encourage responses or participation from your audience.

What if I am local and want to meet face to face?

We do not offer face-to-face meetings for our Social Media Marketing services. Because we have streamlined the way we work, in order to enable us to post as often as we do, efficiency and time management is important for this service.

Plus, not all members of our Social Media team work locally, however they are in the US. Like many other agencies, we do NOT source out this work to overseas contractors!

You will able to communicate via email with your Social Media Marketing Manager at any time. Phone communication is reserved for our Enterprise Social clients who will ahve two monthly strategy phone calls.

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