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Packaging and Advertising: These Two Go Hand-in-Hand

Aug 15, 2018 | Web Design

Two of the key elements of marketing and promoting a product are its packaging and advertising. Not so many years ago, students of marketing are taught about the 4 P’s of marketing, and the importance of the role each plays in the success of the product. The concept is as true today and perhaps is much more challenging to accomplish today as well.

The packaging and advertising of an item will always go hand in hand, no matter what product it is that a company is trying to promote. The simple description of the 4 P’s of marketing are product, production, price, and promotion. The packaging of a product is in many cases as important and relevant as the product itself. Custom packaging allows for intrigue and interest from consumers especially if the custom packaging is well-done enough to have customers share it on social media.

Packaging for your target demographic

If the customer feels a connection with the package and what it represents, it has successfully reached the right audience. That is why the advertiser needs to know the target market he or she is trying to reach. By identifying the correct target market, advertising is aimed at that consumer group. It could be consumers of a certain age, or gender, or income level, or a host of other categories. This is also known as demographics. Advertising can be very costly, and not a single dollar should be spent before understanding what group or groups of consumers you are trying to reach. The end result is sure to become a more successful advertising campaign.

The same holds true for the packaging. The uniqueness of custom packaging allows for intrigue and interest from consumers especially if the custom packaging is well-done enough to have customers share it on social media. If the customers decide to share the product on social media, that is by far the best advertising one can hope for. It is almost as if the packaging itself is speaking to the target audience. They will hopefully become intrigued and interested enough to check out the product first hand. When the package is appealing enough to be shared by a customer, that is the best advertising of all, because its free advertising.

A well-designed package will not only attract attention, but it will also remain memorable in the consumers’ minds. The hope is that it stands out from the rest in a good way. Customers will respond well when the advertising is memorable. One need only think about Super Bowl advertising to understand the impact of memorable advertising. Well, they may not talk about your advertising for days or weeks like the Super Bowl ads, but if it “hits home” it will have made an impact. The packaging should also be memorable and easily identifiable to the consumer.

Iconic Packaging and Brand Recognition

A good example of a product having an identifiable package can be found with cold cereal. At a very young age, a toddler can identify their favorite cereal by its box. They may not even be old enough to read, but they will know for sure by the colors and the pictures on the package. The product and the brand should be easily identifiable by its package. Brand recognition is extremely important, and it is extremely helpful in building and maintaining brand loyalty. Both the packaging and the advertising of a product play an important part in the development of customer loyalty and brand recognition.

This is not usually instantaneous, and that is why a consumer frequently needs to see or hear an ad several times before actually really responding to it. Online advertisers will use such techniques as banner ads and pop-up ads to achieve a higher rate of absorption. Some consumers are more in-tune to advertising than others. Therefore there is really no exact science to this method. Sometimes, advertising needs to be tweaked a bit until reaching the desired results. That will help to explain why an advertising campaign will run consistently for a period of time. Ads run sporadically once or twice at a time will usually not attract very much consumer attention, with very few, if any exceptions to this unwritten rule.

The unique and appealing package will also build brand recognition and loyalty over time. The packaging of a brand of fine chocolates comes to mind as an example when thinking about distinctive packaging. Most people can easily identify a Godiva package by its distinctive color and shape. A well-done package and a well thought out advertising campaign go hand in hand and will reap the best results.

Much like good product design, great web design is an essential tool of marketing that keeps customers on your page and drives them through the sales funnel. If your website isn’t converting the way you need it to, contact Nora Kramer Designs today to see what we can do to help.


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