New Website Optional Recommended Services

I also offer additional services that are optional, but not required, after your new website is complete.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

You can optionally choose to subscribe to one of my monthly WordPress Maintenance Plans to keep your site’s core software, themes, plugins, and security up-to-date after your project is complete and live. If you don’t hire someone to take care of  these tasks, please be sure that you are doing them yourself for security reasons.

Website Hosting

If you don’t currently have a website host, I can assist you in setting up affordable hosting services, either through me directly, or through a third party hosting provider, if you prefer. If you already have a web hosting provider be sure that they are running on servers that can handle WordPress and have PHP and MySQL installed. I will also need to be able to access your files via FTP, not just through a web page interface. If you are unsure, let me know who your host and hosting plan are and I can look into that for you.

Manage SEO and Social Media Marketing

All of my website builds keep SEO in mind as I am doing them, and I also include the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin, to assist you in better preparing copy that is SEO friendly, however I also offer Managed SEO Services as an optional service. I also offer Social Media Marketing packages and other inbound content marketing solutions to help increase your presence on the web and as a leader in your industry.




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