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Important Elements Every Business Should Display on Their Website

Aug 16, 2021 | Web Design, WordPress

A business owner’s website goes a long way in establishing SEO. Presentation is important in creating an aesthetically pleasing and attractive website. Content keeps users and customers coming back. Every business needs to display a services page, customer reviews, and social media links on their website.

A Services Page

Customers and potential customers will come to your website to find information about the services you offer. It is vital you have a services page for your customers. Here you can post services and pricing, it may also be a good place to list promotional offers you are running. Typically, a service page is the second or third link in the top navigation. A service page tells your customers what you offer, how quality your product is, and communicates how invested you are in your product. Let your customers dig deeper into who your company is and what you offer.

Customer Reviews

Gathering and displaying customer reviews goes a long way in establishing your credibility with customers. About half of customers consult reviews before making a purchase. Positive reviews reassure potential customers that you are worth investing in. Because many reviews come from negative experiences, it can also be an opportunity for you to remedy past conflict. Work with poor reviews to solve bad experiences and show your ability to problem solve. When you demonstrate good customer conflict resolution you retain business and instill confidence in future customers.

Social Media Links

Many customers value the relationship they feel they have with you more than the physical product. The relationship you create with your customers will make or break the success you have with your business. Creating social media profiles lets your customers stay up to date on who you are and what you are doing with the business. Including social media links on your page gives customers a direct link to your social media sites. You can increase website traffic and improve organization brand awareness by displaying social media links on your site.

To establish your SEO and better grow your business, it is important to develop a sound website. A customer’s impression for your business and its brand relies on your presentation. Once you have decided how you want to present your business, you can implement your design. During implementation, be sure to include a services page, customer reviews, and social media links.

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