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The Importance of Keywords in Generating Increased Traffic

Sep 27, 2017 | Digital Marketing, SEO

There are many different ways to generate traffic to your website. However, focusing on keywords and keyword phrases is still one of the leading techniques that will generate traffic for years to come. It’s imperative that you implement a strategic SEO strategy for your complete website. Here are three areas to focus on when you are optimizing keywords:

Optimizing Popular Keywords

After optimizing your site for all of the keywords that you can think of, your work is still not complete. In fact, the process of search engine optimization is an ongoing endeavor that will help push traffic to your website. One strategy that helps do this is by analyzing the keywords that your visitors use to land on your site. Are some keywords showing up more than others?

Take those popular keywords that are being used by visitors and optimize them for specific pages. This helps increase traffic to your site, and it also creates a valuable experience for someone who discovers your content. Google likes that type of interaction and will reward your business by placing your newly optimized page at a higher level in their search engine results pages (SERPS).

Competition Keywords

Your competition may be outranking you for your top keyword. You can analyze their optimization to see how they are generating traffic for that keyword. They may be using SEO Link building, large amounts of valuable content or internal link structures that help their position in the SERPS. According to The SEO Expert, “it’s those little pieces of text anchored by words (text anchors) that the search engines put a lot of value in.” Track down their methods and utilize them to help generate more traffic.

By taking a peek at the competition’s keywords, you can also increase your traffic by discovering new keywords that they are using. You may have missed some long tail keywords that are generating extra amounts of traffic to their website. By taking those keywords and implementing them on a strategically optimized page for your site, you can compete for that phrase and boost the level of incoming visitors.

SEO Link Building

Keywords play a crucial role with SEO Link building too. It’s much more valuable to have an exact keyword match that describes a link pointing back to your website. This tells Google that your site should be associated with that keyword. After inputting this into its algorithm, Google will probably list your website higher in the SERPS for that keyword. This method shows how important keywords are in generating increased traffic.

Keywords and keyword phrases are used in many different ways through on-site and off-site optimization. It’s obvious why they are so important in helping you increase traffic to your website.

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