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How Your Business Can Benefit from Being Listed in Directory Sites

Oct 21, 2020 | Business, SEO

Traditional modes of advertising have changed over the last two decades. Instead of spending money to pay for billboards and TV commercials, advertisers are placing ads on social media and directory sites. This shift in focus has come because of the burst in internet popularity.

Business owners have more resources than ever before to monitor reach. Directory sites like Google and Bing make it easy for you to share your message and product throughout the entire world. But how can you do this?

Find People Already Looking for You

The beauty of directory sites is that they share your business’s website with people who are already searching for you. This is the reason why an online presence is essential in the digital marketing age. Potential customers are more likely to come to your business website if it looks clean and professional.

Ensure your business’s name is practical and makes sense. Directory sites will share two rows of words: the title of your website, and a summary of what you do. These should be easy for your customers to identify so they can be a patron to your company. Unclear language might distract and prevent future purchases.

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Improve SEO

Your SEO (search engine optimization) tactics are also important to master when advertising your business. Becoming Google Ads certified can help you learn necessary information when developing ads. Google My Business is one of the most popular online business directories available.

SEO skills can be unintuitive, but if you learn them, you will see major returns. You can set your target audience for ads: this ranges from age, gender, and location. You can add what your business is so it will be advertised to the correct group of people. Developing smarter key words to set your business apart is essential to finding more traffic. Consider utilizing the directory site’s keyword tools, or invest in an analytics service like SEM Rush.

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Offer Deals

Some directory sites will also let you offer deals on their platform. Sales will be highlighted in a different color to make them stand out. If you offer a good product at a reasonable price, many people will consider giving you a try.

When creating a deal, make sure that it is reasonable. Obviously, you want to be profitable. But offering too good of a deal can deter people from clicking on your listing. Your deal may seem like a scam—or “too good to be true.” By finding a balance between this and the other extreme—stinginess—you will find additional customers to boost your income.

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Getting Customer Feedback is Easy

Nothing is more convincing to a customer than seeing people have a positive experience with your business. Most people will look at your Google Reviews (or other directory site) and see what the consensus on your business is. By checking your reviews often, you can show your customers that you care. You can also learn what to improve.

With feedback being easy to access, you can quickly help people who left negative reviews. You can also thank people who had a positive experience with your company. Customer feedback is the backbone to your company’s success.

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The digital era has changed the way businesses advertise their products. This has confused some traditional businesses. Learning to adapt and use directory sites will be crucial for your business to soar.

Take courses on Google or your preferred search engine to see what your business needs to do to maximize its profit potential. You might want to consult a professional, like us, if you feel your business is floundering.

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