The days when the effectiveness of blog writing to grow your online footprint was questionable are over. Marketing research proves that websites that publish blogs regularly can generate more than four times as many leads as websites that don’t. Creative blogs can attract followers with engaging content, provide a platform for consistent search engine optimization (SEO) and strengthen your brand identity.

Create engaging content that brings value to your readers.

There is no better way to maximize your online footprint than by hosting relevant and engaging content for your audience on a consistent basis. For example, an attorney needs to write not just for his potential clients but for other attorneys or judges, citation sources, journalists, and professors or students. Remember that your audience may include more than just the small section you are targeting. By regularly creating value in the marketplace with fresh blog content, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors, and your readers will make visiting your site a part of their routine. Avoid filler. Most people admit to skimming blog posts looking for keywords and information and are quickly lost by rambling posts. You will maintain interest with your readers by writing clearly and staying focused. Make sure your content is of sufficient length and keyword rich and is full of information your customers will find interesting.

Establish a platform for search engine optimization.

Before you can hook your readers with compelling blog content, they’ll have to read it first. The value of effective SEO in attracting first-time readers to your website cannot be overstated. Over 80 percent of shoppers conduct online research before any major purchase, and almost half of all consumers start with a generic web search. Since most researchers will never click on the second page of results, scoring high in search engine algorithms is essential. A blog is a natural opportunity for consistent SEO and your best chance to convert one time researchers into repeat visitors. Establishing loyal readers who will share your content with their community will be a critical part of expanding your online footprint.

Strengthen your brand identity.

A successful blog can be an invaluable tool in defining your brand identity. Your blog can communicate your professional values, establish authority in your market and show your readers that you appreciate their needs and interests. By creating a strong brand identity, not only will you expand your online footprint, you’ll attract a focused market of readers whose interests correspond to your products and services.

Hosting a blog with compelling content is a proven opportunity to attract views and convert those views into a loyal community of readers that you can’t afford to ignore in today’s competitive marketplace. Keep your content relevant, fresh and clutter free, and the effort you put into your blog will pay dividends. Keep in mind to avoid spelling errors and make sure you look as professional as possible. Keep in mind everything you do contributes to your brand.


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