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How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Run Effortlessly

Jul 7, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media

As an entrepreneur, you need things to come together seamlessly into a cohesive whole, and then to work together beautifully, like puzzle pieces clicking together. Unfortunately, few things in business actually run that way, and figuring out how to get your social media in line is no different. How can you get yourself aligned on all the platforms which you need, and make sure it’s running as effortlessly as possible?

Predetermine Your Branding

Branding is not a “figure it out as you go” portion of marketing and design. Your brand IS your company, and all portions of it must suit what you need, from the logo, social media avatars, to the “voice” and persona of the social media work itself. Your team needs a “Brand Book” before they begin: not only a solidified branding for your company, but also what tone (formal, informal, or in between), whether they are allowed or encouraged to make jokes, etc. This helps if more than one person is in charge of your varied social media platforms, which much sound similar throughout.

Understand the Inner Workings

When it comes to social media your strategy to conquer it relies on knowing your platform. Each platform has differing users, demographics, and specific needs. Whereas Facebook enjoys long-form personal posts and images, Instagram users prefer eye-catching colors and images. Twitter loves sarcasm and bitterness, and TikTok is all about being ironically funny. There’s a lot of overlap, but taking time to spend time on the platform makes it easier to mimic the styles you want.

Crystal Clear Causes

You want your brand to be associated with calls to action, and within moments your viewers should be able to tell, regardless of platform, who you are and what you are doing. If your brand is clear and concise, this should be easy. Viewers should be able to tell who you are, what you do and want them to do, when and where you want their action, and, most especially, why they should pay attention to you. That’s a lot to say in a 280 character Twitter limit.

Social media can seem confusing, but, when in doubt, ask those native to the internet. There are a lot of folks who, due to their circumstances, age, or even disability, spend a great deal of time virtually. Find someone to tutor you, and you will find your way!

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