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How to Live Up to Customers’ High Expectations

Dec 22, 2021 | Business

These days, it seems that people are more demanding than ever about what they want from the places they do business with. They want the best product and service they can get for their money, and they’re not shy about going somewhere else if their desires are not met. That’s why, in order to outshine the competition, a business must meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Create an Intuitive Experience

When customers are shopping on your website or learning about your business, they want a smooth, seamless experience. Problems with navigating your site or difficulties filtering their choices just might send them away to some other website. The web experience must be so intuitive that they can focus on your product, not on clicking and reading.

An intuitive web design should fade into the background as the customer is using it. In designing your website, it’s important to use the right software so that customers can easily search for what they are looking for and find relevant results. Consistency is also important: each page of your website should look and function in the same basic way.

Proactively Reach Out to Fix Issues

Whether your business is bricks-and-mortar, web-based, or both, it’s essential to stay on top of any potential problems. For example, if an item is out of stock, customers should be notified before they have to ask. And, a customer should not be the first one to notice that one of the links on your website is no longer valid.

Being proactive requires constant monitoring of your inventory, your web interface, your billing systems, and other infrastructure of your business. Many tools and software are available to assist you in doing this. But, it also takes some dedicated time by you or one of your employees. If you do notice a significant problem, reaching out to customers requires a personal touch.

Do Things Differently Than Your Competitors

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to know what similar businesses are doing—and what they are doing that customers aren’t satisfied with. You can get ideas on how to please your customers by emulating their experience. Take some time to browse their websites or go into their shops (or send someone they might not know) to look around. Read online reviews to see what complaints their customers have had.

Then, armed with this knowledge, do things differently. Try to fill a need that your competitors are neglecting. This may include focusing on a specific niche or expanding your market to include unserved or underserved niches. Or, you may adjust prices, return policies, or customer service to add extra value to what you offer.

Meet Deadlines

Satisfying customers means meeting deadlines for delivering the product or service promised. Begin by setting a reasonable deadline that allows for some flexibility if something unexpected occurs. The customer should agree to the deadline, and it helps to put these details in writing for further reference for both of you.

Good organization and record-keeping are essential. Accounting management software helps you hit deadlines and prevent clients from getting left behind. You can save time by easily being able to access previous orders, invoices, or inventory or by utilizing pertinent financial details. Most accounting software also includes project management tools and timesheets.

Focus on Quality

You will earn repeat customers by consistently delivering quality products and services. When prices are similar between businesses, customers will choose to spend their money with the company that offers the higher quality. They will feel like they are getting more for their investment. Therefore, you must not only meet customers’ expectations but exceed them.

Quality does not just appear on the end project. Your work behind the scenes in your business has a direct effect on quality. This includes hiring knowledgeable and skilled employees who care about their work. It also helps to create standards that ensure quality will be consistent. Then, perform regular assessments to evaluate whether those standards are met. Finally, listening to customer feedback can help you make adjustments when needed.

Ask Them What They Want

Customers appreciate working with businesses that will listen to their needs. This may mean meeting a special request or customizing a product. But often, customers will not tell you directly what will please them; you’ll only find out afterward that you fell short in satisfying them.

Directly asking your customers what they want is not always effective. Instead, try using surveys or market analysis to get a truer picture of your customers’ needs and desires. By analyzing customer feedback, you can understand what your business is doing well and what improvements need to be implemented.

Respond Promptly

Customer communication can happen at any point in the transaction process, from initial contact to post-purchase. Whether it’s a phone call, an email, or a social media contact, it’s important to respond to all customer inquiries or complaints promptly.

On the phone, customers hate waiting on hold or navigating through a confusing or lengthy voice menu. For digital communications, you should respond within a couple of hours, if not immediately. Try adding an instant chat feature on your website or social media account.

Make It Right

You won’t please every customer a hundred percent of the time, but you can leave every customer feeling that you’ve done everything you can to make it right. That starts with listening to complaints.  

Whether it’s a phone call or email, it’s important to listen with empathy and not respond emotionally. Apologize, and thank the customer for bringing the problem to your attention. Give the customer choices on how the problem might be resolved. Then, follow up to make sure they are satisfied with the correction.

Living up to customers’ expectations involves anticipating and understanding their needs. It takes dedicated effort to respond to customers and to deliver quality products and services, but it pays off in repeat customers and a good public reputation. Ultimately, exceeding expectations puts you ahead of the competition.

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